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Are Your Mooring Lines And Fenders Ready For Winter?


The Noss on Dart Marina team would like to encourage berth holders to winterise their boats in preparation for the adverse winter weather. With storms likely to prevail for several months to come, now is a great time to do some ‘housekeeping’ to ensure that you have strong mooring lines set up and additional fenders in order to prevent damage to your vessel or that of other berth holders.

Noss on Dart Marina has ‘Rigging Solutions’ onsite who are happy to offer free advice on the best options for mooring lines and are able to make up and fit if required. At Noss the marina team monitors the local and national weather forecasts to ensure, as best they can, that the marina is prepared for bad weather. Noss on Dart Marina is also registered with the National Floodline Agency so are updated via email of any local flood risks.

When the team is aware of adverse weather coming in our direction they increase the number and frequency of patrols made on the marina including the offshore pontoons and all the marina’s river trot moorings. During these patrols particular attention is paid to mooring lines including spring lines and fenders. They also, where appropriate, put additional lines on and/or secure any loose gear that has been stored on deck. At the same time they check to make sure that roller reefing lines on head sails are made fast and unable to become undone in the height of a storm. The Noss marina team also pays particular attention to the state and condition of the tides particularly when there are spring high tides coupled with southerly gales. When forecast conditions are particularly bad staffing rotas are adjusted to have staff on duty during the night to monitor the situation and raise alarms in the event of any serious situations developing.

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