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The Waterfront Polio Campaign


To mark World Polio Day on Thursday 24th October the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour planted 4000 purple crocus bulbs on grass banks adjacent to the main car park at The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour Marina. This is part of a UK campaign to raise awareness of efforts to end polio; in 1988, there were around 350,000 cases of polio around the world! 

Rotary declared war on the disease and set about the process of immunising tens of millions of children across the world; the purple crocus symbolises the purple dye that is applied to each child’s finger to indicate that they have been treated.

Since 1988 Rotary has raised over £1.35 billion in its quest to defeat polio and has been joined by Microsoft philanthropist Bill Gates and governments around the world in support.  

Currently there are only 16 declared cases in Afghanistan and 66 in Pakistan but it will still take vigorous and prolonged action to finish the job. Next spring we will be reminded of the campaign by something as simple yet as beautiful as a floral display that there are still many who cannot enjoy springtime in this way.

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