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Gosport’s Story – The Town’s Future Vision


Premier Gosport is honoured to be working as an ambassador for ‘Gosport’s Story’ – a newly launched book highlighting Gosport Borough Council’s plans and future vision for the town to become a top attraction in the UK.

The Gosport’s Story Book explores the town’s future vision and has been developed over the last year through a collaboration with the wider community by the Gosport Place Board – a committee made up of representatives from local businesses, interest groups, educationalists and county-wide groups to help form the backbone of Gosport’s Story.

The book contains simple themes and values which underpin how the town can move forward, exploring all of the incredible attractions, aspects and heritage of Gosport and how these can be invested in to help its future economic and social development.

The launch comes shortly after Gosport celebrated its recently obtained High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSAZS) status and received confirmation that the twin conservation areas of Gosport High Street and Stoke Road will become the focus for a £3.2 million regeneration programme - recognising their heritage assets and seeking to bring more of them back into economic, social and residential use.

Andrew Sugden, Economic Development Manager at Gosport Borough Council, said: "Publication of Gosport’s Story marks a major turning point. It sends out a signal of change and a commitment to invest in the town's future. We've been working towards publication for some time and coming on the back of the confirmation of the HSHAZ funding, it allows us an opportunity to engage the whole community in starting to plan how to rebuild the borough's economy after the impact of the coronavirus crisis.”

The geographical location, coastal adventures and heritage assets of Gosport make it a brilliant naval port and the book explores how investing into these assets will help Gosport evolve naturally to become an integral part of a world-class global hub for marine and maritime activity and become a ‘first port of call’ for business.

Jonathan Walcroft CMM, Gosport Marina Manager adds: “Gosport Borough Council has released the Gosport Story and personally and professionally I find this very exciting. I was able to sit in on one of the first launches for the story and I did wonder how this story would enable Gosport to improve the infrastructure and address many of the social struggles the area and the High Street has. There is so much history and some beautiful buildings so close to Gosport Marina and we need to share this knowledge. Gosport Marina is proud to be an ambassador for the Gosport Story.”

You can read or download ‘Gosport’s Story’ and find out more about the regeneration project here: https://www.discovergosport.co.uk/page/gosports-story