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New Loyalty Benefits for Premier Berth Holders!


We are very proud of our Premier Advantage scheme which continues to provide market leading benefits such as fuel at cost, 42 free visitor nights at Premier marinas* a minimum of 8 weeks free storage ashore and Refer a Friend rewards.

But that’s not all. Starting in March, we’re planning to make the Premier Advantage even better - by adding a range of loyalty rewards and giving our customers greater flexibility on how they use them: When a customer’s berthing contract is renewed we will automatically credit their account with the equivalent value of the Premier Advantage 15% boatyard discount as a reward, and alongside the option to use this across the year on boatyard services, they will also be able to redeem it against their following year’s berthing licence - and they will be able to check its value, and the value of any other rewards they may accrue, in their MyPremier account. Look out for further Premier Loyalty Rewards in the coming months.

For customers whose contract is not yet up for renewal, and who intend to take advantage of our boatyard services, we’re pleased to confirm that they can still use their Premier Advantage 15% boatyard discount up to the point when their contract renews and their new loyalty reward begins.

*Currently excludes Noss on Dart.