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Winter Projects at the Forefront


This winter the Chichester team is focusing on getting through a long list of maintenance tasks that can only be addressed outside of the busy season.

So far the team has power-washed over 500 pontoon fingers and 28 bridgeheads; running a programme alongside to replace damaged pontoon planks and completely refurbish the main walkways on pontoons AA and A to D. Electrical systems on the pontoons have also been checked and refurbished.

The team is also delighted to report that the potholes on the northern road have been filled and the fading road lines re-painted along with landscaping of general grounds. The maintenance team is just waiting for the sun to emerge so they can get out their brushes to give the woodwork on site a fresh coat of paint.

A big shout out to the boatyard team who have continued to be incredibly busy - totalling 354 lifts in 2020 in comparison to 327 in 2019. They have lifted and launched on average of 32 boats each week.

Plus a reminder that the lock will be closed on 19th and 20th of January for routine maintenance and the replacement of some electrical cabling.