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Major Resurfacing Works At Falmouth Marina


A major project to resurface the car park at Falmouth Marina started earlier this week.

Taking advantage of the low numbers of cars on site during lockdown, the project will see the following areas resurfaced - the entire east end and central roadway into the overflow carpark. The central roadway from the bottom of the entrance to the east end (where the surface is uneven and potholed) and the actual entrance. Plus, the area on the west side of the bridgehead where the tarmac has worn thin.

Works are already underway by external contractors, Theobald Tarmacadam who are on track to complete the project by the end of February. Premier is investing significant capital into this project which will improve the aesthetic appearance and safe use of the car park especially as spaces will be clearly set out and potholes eradicated. It also demonstrates Premier Marinas commitment to maintenance operations and moving forward with investment projects even in challenging times.

Mark Evans, Marina Manager said: “The car park surface dates back to 1990 and has worn very thin in many areas -  the current lockdown presents an opportunity to finally get the majority of the required surfacing work carried out and will improve the car park for all users.”

Please note, there may be some disruption as certain areas are blocked off while the contractors work.