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Fire and Casualty Evacuation Exercise with Cosham Fire and Rescue


Last month our Port Solent team held a successful emergency fire and casualty exercise in conjunction with Red Watch from Cosham Fire Station. 

As part of our continued focus on health and safety, the training drill included the use of Port Solent’s work boat to play out the scenario of a boat fire with an unconscious casualty on board. To test the teams further, the exercise was conducted at the end of C pontoon as far away from land as possible.

The firefighters worked with the marina team to administer CPR and “save” the casualty while also extinguishing the fire. The exercise demonstrated the importance to regularly practice different emergency scenarios and helped strengthen the marina team’s close relationship with the local emergency services.

Mark Phillp, Marina Manger said: “This has been something that I have been trying to arrange for some time - fire is one of the most dangerous situations that can occur in a marina which is why we take the prevention of fire and dealing with it so seriously.”