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Southsea Trials Natural Starling Deterrent


In order to avoid the unwanted mess that birds such as starlings and pigeons deposit onto vessels and pontoons, Southsea Marina is running a trial with Avian Control’s natural deterrent services throughout September and October. 

Avian Control uses fully fed falcons to naturally deter and chase away unwanted birds from the marina, moving them towards other local green spaces and gardens. The falcons used at Southsea can be seen flying over the marina three evenings a week and do not harm or catch the birds, they simply deter them from the area. 

Peter Pring CMgr, Marina Manager comments: ‘A massive thank you to Jake from ‘Avian Control’ for the privilege of holding the magnificent Gyrfalcon-Peregrine falcon hybrid named ‘The Gentlemen’ or ‘GP’ for short. ‘GP’ was desperate to get up move those starlings on and away from the boats in the marina. It is amazing watching these incredible birds at work.”