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Sovereign Harbour Trials Natural Starling Deterrent


In order to avoid the unwanted mess that birds such as starlings and pigeons deposit onto vessels and pontoons, Sovereign Harbour has employed East Sussex Falconry to run their natural deterrent services throughout September and October. 

East Sussex Falconry uses birds of prey including hawks, falcons and eagles to naturally deter and chase away unwanted birds from the marina, moving them towards the green spaces and gardens. The hawks used at Sovereign Harbour are fully fed when they fly and do not harm or catch the birds, they simply deter them from the area. 

Dan Heckford, Marina Manager adds: ‘Whilst we certainly do not want to drive all birds away from the harbour, our priority is to protect the vessels and pontoons within the marina. The professional services of East Sussex Falconry help move birds away to the gardens and green spaces in the local area in a safe manner and help reduce the mess and damage caused by their roosting in the marina. It is amazing watching the hawks at work and how they respond to their handler.”