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Southsea undertake Cill Safety Training Exercise


Earlier this month the team at Southsea Marina undertook a cill safety training exercise as part of Premier’s continued commitment to providing the correct safety guidance and training for all its staff at each marina.

The training exercise included the discovery of a cill failure for which the marina team then had to follow and practise the emergency response plan for this scenario which included the use of their 3.5T static crane to deploy a stop log and maintain the marina level during low water periods until the cill was fixed.

“Training exercises like the cill failure scenario are really important for us as a team to ensure we are prepared in this unlikely, but possible situation,” explains Marina Manager Peter Pring CMgr. "All staff members are fully trained on using the static crane, which is always on standby for this type of scenario and are well-practiced in deploying the steel stop logs to ensure we are always prepared."