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Maritime Yacht Services now UK distributors for Teak Life


Maritime Yacht Services at Universal Marina have grown exponentially over the past few years.

Offering a full range of services and facilities, they are very proud to be introducing Teak Life to their product line.

Whether you’re restoring an old teak deck or protecting a new one, Teak Life can extend the life of your deck, protecting it from sun, salt and spray. The new product line includes: Teak Life Wood Wash, which creates a clean, natural-looking wood surface; Teak Jammer, a high-performance seam sealant and structural adhesive; Teak Life UV, a teak finish available in two tones, and Teak Life UV Topcoat, which blends with Teak Life UV as a top and maintenance coat.

Maritime Yacht Services prides itself on introducing new, proven technology that extends the life of your vessel. In addition to teak and deck restoration they also provide the following services onsite at Universal Marina:

  • Engineering and rigging
  • GRP repairs
  • Electronic installations
  • Paint and vinyl application
  • Anti-fouling, copper coating & removal
  • System Installs   
  • Ceramic surface protection for hulls, super structure & glass protection
  • Valeting 
  • Cover & rope replacement & cleaning