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Safety Exercise with East Sussex Fire and Rescue


As part of our ongoing health and safety programme, each marina carries out regular training drills in order to ensure everyone is prepared in emergency situations. Fire is one of the most dangerous situations that could occur in a marina which is why we take fire prevention and emergency response to fire so seriously.

On the morning of 26th January, our Brighton team supported East Sussex Fire and Rescue in a fire emergency exercise in a remote area of the marina. It was an ideal opportunity to test the team’s reaction in the event of a fire on a vessel.

The marina team shared their risk assessments and emergency protocols, as well as signposting all the safety items they hold on site with the fire service team, and worked with them to put out the fictitious fire.

“It was a great exercise” said Mike Hatch, Marina Manager. “It is really important for us to regularly practice different emergency scenarios with the local fire brigade; sharing best practices, and helping familiarise their team with our site and the different environments they may need to work in”.