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Epropulsion Electric Outboards at Chichester Marina’s Boat Shop


If you’re looking to make your boating more reliable and sustainable – explore the world of Epropulsion with Chichester Marina tenants, Boat Shop. Read on for the latest information and guidance from Boat Shop Manager Mark Warren.

Epropulsion with Boat Shop

Epropulsion have been developing their range for a while now and have perfected the 1kw replacement for a 3hp petrol outboard which most people use for their tenders - The Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus.

The Technical Aspects

For hassle-free propulsion for your tender, it is certainly worth considering an Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus, which is ahead of the game when it comes to electric outboards. It utilises a direct drive motor which keeps noise levels to a minimum and has a 1276WH battery, providing a bigger capacity than the competition. This gives the Spirit 1.0 the ability to run at full throttle at up to round 6 mph for 75 minutes and provide a range of almost 8 miles depending on your tender. For those with range anxiety, at a reduced throttle speed of 25% of maximum it uses 250 Watts. You will also get over 4 mph for 5 hours with a range of 22 miles (based on a 3m tender).

The Benefits

Now for the good bit! There is no servicing, not a fuel problem in sight and no strained arms and shoulders from pull starting. Just mount the outboard section (10.6kg) on to the tender’s transom, slide the battery on top (8.2kg) and connect with the single plug. And away you go!

The Epropulsion outboard is an ideal replacement for all small petrol outboards providing customers with a safer, lighter, quieter and environmentally friendly alternative. Whether you use electric, petrol or diesel, Boat Shop are equipped to handle all your engine’s needs. You can watch a full tutorial on everything Epropulsion from Boat Shop here {embedded video link}

And if you’re looking to explore the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus or want to find out more about Electric Outboards in general, head down to Boat Shop at Unit A3, Chichester Marina or call 01243 514292.