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Queens Harbour Master Portsmouth 41 of 2018

Date: to Saturday, 4 August 2018

Eastern Solent Cable Route Survey - 19th June - 29th July 2018

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth that Geotechnical survey operations will take place along a route running south and east through Dockyard Port of Portsmouth waters, planned to commence from the 19 June through to the 29 July 2018.  An outline of the survey route is shown below.

Eastern Solent Cable Route Survey - QHM Notice to Mariners 40 of 2018

2. The near shore survey is anticipated to take around 6 days (weather permitting) starting on 19 June being conducted by the survey vessel MPR 3 (LOA 32m). Further works outside the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth waters will continue from 11 July and expected to last 17 days.

3. MPR 3 will be considered to be Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre when conducting survey operations and as such, mariners are reminded of their responsibilities under the COLREGS and are requested to remain well clear and to give a wide berth while passing.  MPR 3 will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channels 11 (QHM Harbour Control). QHM can be contacted over VHF or by calling 023 9272 3694.

4. This notice will be cancelled on 4th August 2018.