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Falmouth Harbour Notcie to Mariners No 22 of 2019


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a wave energy device is to be deployed in the Falmouth Bay FAB Test Site over two days, Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th August. The device will replace the temporary special mark buoy in position 50° 06.27 N, 004° 59.1 W, previously mentioned in port notice No 17 of 2019.

Falmouth Notice to Mariners No 22 of 2019 Chart

(© UKHO Not for navigation)

The device will be marked with a yellow cross daymark and has a yellow light, character Fl (2) Y 10s.

Falmouth Notice to Mariners No 22 of 2019 Prototype Energy Device

The deploying vessel will be the workboat Sarah Grey who can be contacted on VHF ch16 whilst the deployment is in progress.

Mariners are advised to remain clear of the operating area during the deployment and to avoid anchoring or trawling within 500m of the device.

Notice number 17 of 2019 is cancelled on deployment of this device.