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Langstone Harbour Notice to Mariners No 1 of 2020


1. The following Langstone Harbour Local Notices are in force at 1 January 2020. All Notices are available at the Harbour Office or on the Board’s website below.

Notice No. 5/2015 (Unmarked Fishing Gear)
Notice No. 2/2018 (Risk Assessment of Recreational Events)
Notice No. 3/2018 (Safety in Small, High Speed Craft)
Notice No. 4/2018 (High Water Predictions)
Notice No. 6/2018 (Safety Information for Small Craft)
Notice No. 8/2018 (Marina Channel Pile Damaged)
Notice No. 1/2019 (Depths at Kendall’s Wharf)
Notice No. 2/2019 (Loaded Vessels in Harbour Approaches)
Notice No. 3/2019 (Historic Site)
Notice No. 4/2019 (Vessel Wash)
Notice No. 5/2019 (Caution advised at SW Jetty)
Notice No. 6/2019 (Pilot Ladders)
Notice No. 7/2019 (Use of Moorings by Visitors)
Notice No. 8/2019 (Fishing Gear in Navigation Channels)
Notice No. 11/2019 (Water Skiing)
Notice No. 20/2019 (Marina Channel Pile Destroyed)
Notice No. 23/2019 (Isolated Danger Mark Missing)
Notice No. 29/2019 (Eastney Pt Outfall Light Unreliable)
Notice No. 1/2020 (List of Notices in Force)

2. Cancel Local Notices 9/2019 & 28/2019