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Chichester Harbour Conservancy Weekend Bulletin - Week 13


Weekend Navigation Bulletin

The bulletin at this point is an information bulletin and we will return to the regular content and features when the current situation and official advice allows.
To get in touch with our patrol team call CHICHESTER HARBOUR PATROL on VHF Channel 14 or telephone the Harbour Office on 01243 512301. In an emergency please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Covid-19 Response

Recreational Boating

On Wednesday 13 May, advice was issued  by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs confirming that all forms of water sport are now permitted under the latest Covid-19 advice issued by the Government.

Further advice was released by DEFRA on 11 June 2020 giving advice for using a boat inland and on the coast.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy can confirm that Chichester Harbour is open for recreational boating.

Please view the full statement on our website.

Itchenor erry

The ferry is operational again for the crossing to and from Bosham and for transporting people to their boats.

The wearing of face coverings is compulsory to protect other passengers and crew in line with Government directives for public transport. Card payments only, please.

Due to social distancing requirements, the numbers of passengers travelling per trip will be limited. This may mean a longer wait than usual. We ask for your patience and respect for social distancing while you are waiting on the jetties.

Overnight Stays on Vessels Not Permitted

Mariners are reminded that Government guidance for staying at your primary residence still applies. No overnight visits to private boats or for extended stays are permitted.

Vessel Traffic & Activity

Detailing notable vessel traffic, racing start times and other activities on the water that may affect navigation.

Club Racing

Under the current guidance, Sailing Clubs are permitted to open providing that they can comply with social distancing regulations. Clubs are working hard to put systems in place to protect their employees, members, and visitors but there is an inevitable knock-on effect for the organisation of club racing. Please contact your sailing club for further information on available racing and protocols.

Mariners transiting the harbour should always keep a good lookout for racing fleets and fast moving performance craft. All vessels (involved in racing or otherwise) should always adhere to the Collision Regulations in the confined waters of Chichester Harbour.

Saturday 27th June

South Harbour and Harbour Entrance

Chichester Channel
Itchenor SC 1300 – 1530
Keelboats, Singlehanders, Merlin, RS200, RS800, Int 14

Sunday 28th June

South Harbour and Harbour Entrance

Chichester Channel
Itchenor SC 1000 – 1100
Mirror, Topper, Int 420, RS Feva, Laser

Chichester Marina Free Flow Times (BST)

Chichester Marina operates a ‘free flow’ for its lock during periods of high water to maintain water levels in the marina basin. For details of the times that the lock is in free flow please click here.

Know Your Harbour - Boating in Safety

This season, along with 'hard hitting' Colregs questions, we will be mixing in facts about the harbour and some tips, tricks and safety information all geared towards making Chichester Harbour a pleasant, fun and safe place for all.

Q. As the days are at their longest, we thought we would throw in a question about lights…because it still gets dark!

A small boat under oars, ie a tender – do you have to show a light?

Click here for the answer.

Tender Safety


Following two very ‘near miss’ incidents recently, a man-overboard (no life jacket) from a tender that required hospital treatment for a suspected cardiac episode brought on by cold water shock, and two persons overboard (no life jackets) from a tender that spent 30 minutes in the water and required ambulance treatment for early onset hypothermia, we would urge all harbour users to wear life jackets or personal buoyancy aids.

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 drowning victims were not wearing lifejackets or buoyancy aids, and two thirds of drowning victims were considered to be strong swimmers.

We caution mariners to take extra care when accessing their vessels. Click here for further advice.

Other News

Recreational Boating Restrictions Lifted

With the lifting of restrictions on all forms of recreational water sports, the harbour is likely to become busy as people take to the water, especially while schools remain closed.

Mariners are always requested to keep a watchful eye out when transiting Chichester Harbour and we would refer people to our Local Notices to Mariners, specifically:

LNTM No.02 of 2020 - General Instruction and Advice

Rampion Off-shore Wind Farm Development

Mariners are advised that the survey vessel, MV Titan Discovery, will be conducting early stage nearshore geophysical surveys within the Export Cable corridor of search identified for a potential Rampion 2 OWF development, off the coast of Sussex. Please see the Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd Notice to Mariners for further information.

The MV Titan Discovery will be displaying the relevant IRPCS day shapes and night lights for vessels restricted in their ability to manoeuvre. MV Titan Discovery will be operating vessel mounted and towed survey gear (Up to 100m behind the vessel) and a safe operating distance is always requested around the vessel.

Mariners are requested to keep a good lookout when transiting the survey area and give the MV Titan Discovery a wide berth.