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Langstone Harbour Notice to Mariners No 4 of 2021


Mariners are advised that flood and coastal erosion risk management works will be taking place on the foreshore between Salterns Lake and Kendall’s Wharf.

The Scheme will be constructed over a three-year period, with a Local Notice to Mariners issued at the start of each construction year. This LNtM relates to the period April 2021-September 2021.

This section of works will consist of:

• The installation of a silt curtain along the length of this phase approximately 20m out from the wall, except for the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre (ASWC) and Tudor Sailing Club slipways where this will up to 50m.
• Piling and construction of a new concrete floodwall including flood glass in front of both sailing clubs (Tudor and ASWC).
• Excavation along the toe of the existing sea wall to install the piles which will form the shutter for the concrete base.
• Concrete casting of the new lower sea wall followed by the upper wall.
• Reinstatement of the excavated material back against the piles with the remainder spread over an area 10m from the wall on the foreshore.
• Reinstatement of saltmarsh following the works.
• Installation of new piles for the slipways and the original section broken out to allow the new slipways to be constructed in concrete.
• Installation of flood gates on top of both slipways.
Other than in front of ASWC the only excavators on the foreshore will be 8t excavators. In front of ASWC due to access issues the Movax piling rig and 22t excavators will need to be on the foreshore.

All works will be fully compliant with Marine Licence: L/2020/00098/1 and Planning consent: 19/01368/


Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the Masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.