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Premier Free WiFi

Premier Marinas WiFi service is free to Premier Berth Holders with annual, monthly or visitor contracts. This free service includes unlimited internet access, for up to three device at a time at each of our South Coast Marinas. 

Like to log-on now? Let’s get started!



As a Premier berth holder, you will have been issued your own User Name and Password when you first joined Premier (or when the WiFi was first installed). You use the same credentials for any new device you wish to connect to the WiFi and you should only have to do this once per device.


If you are a berth holder and you have forgotten your User Name or Password, contact the marina reception and we will reset your password (this will not affect any devices already connected).


If you are a visiting yachtsman you will find your User Name and Password in your visitor pack email or printed sheet. If you have lost these details you will need to contact the marina reception and we will issue new credentials.





     Using your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other wireless enabled device, scan for a Premier Marinas WiFi Network:


     For Swanwick this will be called: Swanwick-Marina




The WiFi home page should appear automatically or when you attempt to visit any website. This will request your User Name (Login) and Password which once entered will connect you to Premier Marinas’ WiFi. IMPORTANT: your user name must be entered in lowercase


If you are having difficulties, please view our FAQ's here 

Welcome to Premier Marinas WiFi

  • Send and receive emails
  • Browse the web
  • VOIP call eg ‘Skype’
  • Play games
  • Listen to music
  • Watch videos

Getting started

You can enjoy broadband speed wireless internet access by connecting to our WiFi service via a HotSpot at our South Coast Marinas. To use this service you will need a wireless enabled device such as a smartphone, iPad, laptop or similar device with a wireless card or a built-in wireless unit. To help you get started with our WiFi we have prepared a simple user guide and a list of frequently asked questions.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions apply to Premier’s WiFi service.