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Port Solent Marina

Port Solent Locking Procedure

 Port Solent Marina Lock

On arrival at Port Solent Marina's calling point on pile ‘Green No.78’ call ‘Port Solent’ on VHF Channel 80 and request a lock in. During peak periods we operate a number system and staff will mark your position in the queue, you should then monitor VHF Channel 80 and follow marina staff instructions. You will be asked to enter the lock on the green light or when you hear your ‘queue’ number called. Enter the lock with fenders on both sides and go as far forward as possible or as directed by staff. You will be given berthing instructions by the Lock Master, turn your engine(s) off and secure your lines.


Please note to help us to speed up the locking out process, we would prefer visitors pay for their berthing at the Marina Reception – prior to locking out.

When you are ready to leave the marina call Port Solent on VHF Channel 80. If the lock is available, you will be asked to slip your berth and proceed to the main fairway. Enter the lock on the green light only and listen to instructions from the Lock Master.

In the lock, secure your boat alongside the pontoon as far forward as possible, the Lock Master may ask you for a return date. If you have stayed overnight, please return any access fobs during the locking process. In peak times, you will be given a number. Remain on your berth, monitoring VHF Channel 80. When the lock is available, your number will be called. 

Free Flow 
At Free Flow – as the tide reaches the marina basin level - both sets of lock gates are opened. During neap tides and extreme spring high tides free flow may not operate. Call up the Lock Master on VHF channel 80 to log arrival/departure. Tidal flow may be faster than expected whilst passing through the lock .
  • An orange flashing light on the traffic signal poles, indicates free flow is operating 
  • Red and green traffic lights control access through the lock