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Port Solent Marina

King's Harbour Master Rules and Regulations

 Portchester Castle at Port Solent Marina
Mariners are advised to ensure they are familiar with the rules and regulations of HM Portsmouth before approaching the harbour.
Read the KHM Small Craft Guide to Portsmouth Harbour and its approaches. You can also familiarise yourself with the Local Harbour Speed Limits around Hampshire here. 


  1. Keep clear of ships and avoid close quarters situations. Remember that many ships in the main channel and harbour will be unable to manoeuvre to keep clear of you. If a large vessel is in doubt about your movements, it will sound five short blasts. Make your intentions clear. 
  2. Keep to the Small Boat Channel in the west side of the harbour entrance. 
  3. Keep well to starboard in all channels. If you have to cross a main channel, do so at right angles and only when clear of large vessels. 
  4. The speed limit within the harbour is 10 knots with an advisory limit of 5 knots at Portchester. 
  5. Craft fitted with engines must use them in between Ballast and the No 4 Bar. 
  6. In fog or poor visibility, stay alongside. If caught out seek a safe berth or anchorage as soon as possible. 
  7. The main marine VHF channel for control of shipping by KHM is 11, you may find it useful to listen in if you have it because it gives you a good idea of shipping movements. 
  8. You are not allowed to stop or linger in the range safety arcs of Tipner Range. The limits are marked to the south by pile No’s 62 and 87 and to the north by pile No’s 70 and 78. 
  9. Navigational piles should not be approached too closely as many are on mudbanks which are steep in most parts but beginning to edge into the channel in some places.
  10. The master of a vessel navigating the Dockyard Port should navigate the vessel with care and caution and in such a manner as to not cause annoyance to the occupants of any other vessel, or cause damage or danger to any other vessel or to any moorings or other property. 



If crossing to Gunwharf Quays or the Town Camber you must ask permission from the KHM on Channel 11 and cross north of Ballast Beacon. Remain 250m clear of all warships and MOD berths and facilities.