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In Our Element - Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - Post Christmas


They made it through Christmas! 

Hollie Luff, Mike Hatch, Elliot Holman and Rachel Lasham, our wonderful Premier team members have made it through Christmas in Saltie, with the help of a care package consisting of traditional chocolate coin and some festive hats, a welcome delight that we're sure has helped lift their spirits.

Poor weather conditions following Christmas day have seen the team pop on the para anchor, causing a slight drop in position currently the team are sitting in 19th, but with some good days on the oars they are feeling confident that they can head back up the leader board. 

Disappointingly the team have reported how little wildlife they've seen, especially in contrast to the number of large plastic items that have been seen floating past them... including a spade. This just highlights how important their cause is. So far they have rowed 1693NM, of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, 3000 miles across the Atlantic to raise awareness of the University of Portsmouth's Centre of Enzyme Innovation and a real-life solution to ocean plastic pollution. 

Tracking the teams progress with us on YB Races available below, or via an App


You can find out more about our amazing colleagues and their motivations here, along with how to donate.