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Port Solent Marina

Fuel Berth and Pump Out at Port Solent Marina

Port Solent Marina Fuel Berth 

Fuel Bay

Port Solent Marina’s fuel berth is located close to the Marina Reception and the lock. It is open every day and sells diesel and unleaded petrol, both of which are available to Premier Berth Holders at cost. Replacement gas cylinders are also available on the fuel berth.

Customers are requested to call ahead on VHF Channel 80 or 02392 210 765 before heading for the fuel berth for service. Outside of office hours the operation of the lock takes priority over fuel services.

The petrol availability and opening times are governed by the Harbour Master.

OPEN: 8:00-18:00 Hours Daily

WINTER:  9:00 to 17:00 from the period 1st of November to 31st of March

Out of Hours: Berth Holders please contact Reception via The Help Point

Changing to E10 Petrol 

From September 2021, the standard petrol used in the UK changed from E5 (95 octane) to E10 and we are now accepting E10 deliveries to all of the petrol fuel bays across our marinas. The new E10 petrol will be referred to as ‘Unleaded’ petrol and is indicated with new signage on each of the fuel berths. If you have any concerns please consult your engine manufacturer to assess any implications for your particular engine. To read our full statement, please click here.

Premier provides high quality fuel sourced from WP Group and Mitchell & Webber.

Premier uses two suppliers at all of its sites to ensure the quality of fuel. Both add Soltron®, an enzyme treatment to its fuel to increase fuel efficiency and power output. Its fuel is compliant with British Standards and regulations, which allow for a maximum 7% FAME.

Based at Esso's Fawley Refinery near Southampton, WP Group is the South's leading independent supplier of fuels and lubricants, marketing Esso fuel and Mobil lubricants across a wide portfolio of business sectors and industries. 

Mitchell & Webber are a family owned fuel distributor covering Cornwall & Devon.

Boat owners travelling abroad should be aware that this fuel may not comply with legislation outside the UK and customers should seek advice from their destination marina before travelling.

Pump-out Facilities

Port Solent’s holding tank pump-out facility is located on the marina’s fuel berth. Charges are £10 per 15 minutes* for Premier Berth Holders, £25 per 15 minutes for commercial and monthly berth holders and for overnight visitors. Please visit the Marina Reception to purchase a token and for an adaptor if required.

*Note a 15 minute slot will usually suffice to empty an average tank.