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Winter Talk and Supper At The Port House in Port Solent Marina

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At no other time is it more important to take extra safety precautions than when boating in cold weather. Boaters have a greater exposure to the elements, which means a higher risk of developing hypothermia from wind-chill, capsizing, or clothing that becomes damp while on board. 

Cold can also affect decision making and the ability to carry out tasks on deck. Remember: There is no bad weather, just bad clothing and it is very easy to be unprepared! 

Understanding human response to cold is a key step to helping you become fully-equipped when out on the water. On Thursday 21st February at 6.30pm, Premier Port Solent will be holding a Winter Talk and Supper at the Port House and inviting Professor Ken Parsons from Loughborough University
Emeritus Professor of Environmental Ergonomics, Ken has over 30 years’ experience of lecturing and conducting research on human response to cold environments. 

A berth holder at Gosport Marina, his professional career also involves leading British, European and international standards committees on human response to the environment. He is author of the bestselling book ‘Human Thermal Environments’ which is in its third edition.

The talk will cover how cold can have significant effects on comfort, performance and survival with particular reference to the marine cockpit. Ken will discuss the fundamentals of how people respond to cold; the concept of wind chill, how the wind chill index was derived and how to determine the equivalent temperature to include the chilling effects of wind. 

The talk will also consider the specification and determination of the thermal insulation required for clothing in cold conditions so that people do not become too cold, but also that they do not become uncomfortable and chilled due to sweating in clothing. 

7.30/8.00pm – Chilli and rice one pot meal at the Port House, Port Solent.

Priced at £12 per head, places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To book your space on the evening, please call the Marina Reception on 023 9221 0765. 

*Please be advised beverages are not included.