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Southsea Marina Welcome Aboard Meeting Summary


We recently held a ‘Welcome Aboard’ meeting for customers who have joined us in the last few months. This was an opportunity for Premier to ensure new arrivals had settled in well, were familiar with the workings of the marina and to listen to their observations. Feedback from attendees was that they came to learn a thing or two, meet fellow berth holders and gain the assurance that Premier is there for them and that they shouldn’t hesitate to tell us what we should do to keep improving.

A wide range of topics was covered; the WiFi was noted to be patchy in some areas so in response Premier has already commissioned some work to address these niggles; the main toilets and showers were thought to need more ventilation and Rupert is looking into the viability of that; the depth in the marina is becoming an issue and Rupert advised that there will hopefully be a dredge the year after next, allowing time for the various permissions to be arranged.

There was also an appetite for more social activities, both on and off the water, and again Premier is looking at options of either driving these or partnering with tenants, berth holders associations etc to do the same. Something like a boat jumble would be welcomed and Rupert will also look at creating a noticeboard, for wanted, unwanted and swaps.

Alongside the Welcome Aboard meeting we are planning to host a Marina Matters meeting for the wider berth holder community and that is planned towards the end of the season. 

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