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Brighton Dredging In Full Swing


Earlier this month, Marina Manager, Mike Hatch took this fantastic photograph of Brighton’s dredging works. The programme is now well under way with external contractors, ML Dredging finishing works in the entrance channel and around the visitor’s pontoons.

Now proceeding with further dredging in the southern and central fairway – this project that will deepen the entrance to the marina and widen the approach channel began at the start of June. 

Mike Hatch commented: “This dredging campaign is removing naturally deposited material to the full extent that our marine licence allows - completion is scheduled for late summer, weather permitting.”

In addition, we are delighted to announce the completion of Brighton’s annual pile replacement programme. A project that involves old piles being extracted and new ones vibrated into position using specialist equipment on board the Walcon Wizard crane barge.

The team at Brighton would like to thank berth holders for their patience whilst boats have been displaced – the priority is now moving boats back to their home berths.