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Falmouth Port Notice to Mariners No 24 of 2019


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the International 14's POW Week will be held in Falmouth Bay from Saturday 24th August till Friday 30th August.

Up to 25 vessels are expected to participate, the high-performance dinghies will be launching and recovering from the Falmouth Haven Slipway daily. This will entail crews being in the water towards the fairway whilst making this transition, supported by RIBs. Mariners are requested to navigate with caution during the launching and recovery of the dinghies.

The courses will be set on the day according to the prevailing conditions.

Mariners are requested to navigate with particular caution during this period and are reminded of Falmouth Harbour Bye-Law 13 which requires masters of small craft to avoid obstructing or impeding racing vessels.

This notice is self-cancelling on completion of racing.