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Queens Harbour Master Notice to Mariners No 25 of 2021


1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth that the marine investigations phase of the Tipner West Development Project will commence on 1 April 2021 and run to late June 2021 (weather dependent). The investigations works will involve drilling and sampling at 41 locations in the works area (see map).

2. The vessels conducting this task are the jack up barge (JUB) “SKATE 3E” (see photo) which will display the appropriate COLREGs signals when conducting operations. “SKATE 3E” will be assisted by the multicat vessel “WILLENDEAVOUR”, for towage, supported by the multicat “UNCLE BILL”. The rigid hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) “OYSTER2” will conduct crew transfers.

3. The marine investigation work on “SKATE 3E” JUB will continue around the clock and the barge will be manned at all times while conditions are within the vessels’ operating limitations.

4. QHM Harbour Control may be contacted on VHF Ch 11 or by telephoning 02392 723689 for the latest information. Barge and support vessel movements will be de-conflicted from other movements by QHM Harbour Control as required.

5. Cancel this Local Notice to Mariners 5 July 2021.