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Sovereign Harbour Notice to Mariners No 2 (Updated - 23rd March) of 2020


With the recent prolonged winter weather, a check survey of the harbour entrance has been undertaken to evaluate the current dredged depth and profile. Whilst the survey remains consistent against previous years, there are three identified variations.

Area 1

Seaward of lock 2. Depth reducing to 1.2m below CD in the area highlighted towards the inner starboard buoys.

Area 1


Area 2

Parallel to the outer peninsular wall, over a line drawn from the “5 Knots Max” wall sign to the sector light mast. Depth reducing to 1.4m below CD.

Area 2


Area 3 (Updated 23/03/2020)

Narrowing of the channel along the contour line shown in red between the starboard buoys on the north east of the dredged channel. Shingle visible at LW outside of the dredged channel close inside the Southern breakwater. Reduced depth between the breakwaters. Vessels with a draught in excess of 1.0mtr are advised to wait 60 minutes either side of LW.

Area 3 (Updated)


The survey was conducted on 24th January 2020 and is the latest hydrographic data available. Mariners are advised to examine the full survey and make any necessary passage planning adjustments. Annual maintenance dredging is expected after April of this year. Any additional surveys before that time will be promulgated via Local Notice to Mariners.

A digital copy of the survey is available online here, with a scale copy available to view in the Sovereign Harbour marina office. The printed notice is available online here.

Mariners may contact ‘SOVEREIGN HARBOUR’ on VHF Channel 17 for advice.

Issued: 14:00hrs 4th February 2020

Updated: 17:00hrs 23rd March 2020