Brighton Marina

Parking at Brighton Marina

Parking in Brighton Marina is free for berth holders whose vehicles are taxed, insured and display a current Premier parking permit. If you do not display a permit, or if it is out of date, you may incur a Parking Charge Notice from SABA on behalf of Brighton Marina Estate Management Co Ltd. Premier parking permits are available at any time from the Marina Reception. Annual berth holders can have up to two parking permits. If you have friends or family visiting, temporary parking permits for the multi-storey car park at the western end of the marina are available from the Marina Reception.

Parking for Berth Holders at Brighton Marina

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Western multi-storey car park

You can park on any level of the western multi-storey 24hrs a day, 7 days a week except the top level (level 9) where there are overnight restrictions on Saturday nights to Sunday morning due to Sunday morning car boot fairs. For easy access we recommend that you try to park on levels 5 and 7 as they provide the nearest general (non-blue badge) parking to the bridge on level 6 that leads you directly along the boardwalk to the West Jetty and access to the marina. You may park for an unlimited time in the multi-storey car park (when displaying a valid permit).

The upper levels of the car park go from one end to the other whereas the lower levels are split by the Cinema. There are often spaces available to the west of the Cinema when the rest of the car park appears to be full.

On the West Jetty Ramp

Unloading/loading on the West Jetty ramp is permitted 7 days a week but parking is limited to 40 minutes and you must display a current Premier parking permit.

Visitor spaces along The Strand Road 

There are visitor car parking spaces along The Strand Road. These are available to any vehicle between 08:00 and 20:00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Private cars may park between 20:00 and 08:00 however, restrictions exclude camper vans, commercial and trade vehicles from parking during these times. Please check the signs each time you use these spaces as their limitations may change without notice.

Parking areas east of the West Jetty ramp 
Parking area to the east side of the west jetty ramp. There is a parking area on the east side of the west jetty ramp which is accessed by key fob. Parking is limited to a maximum of 24hrs. No return within 72hrs.

East multi-storey

Parking in this area is accessed by key fob and is for all berth holders whose vehicles display a current Premier parking permit. Parking is permitted on both levels. To access the top level you should drive up the ramp towards the boatyard and then the car park is situated on your right. Please note parking is for 72hrs without a ‘no return’ period.

Parking areas either side of the East Jetty ramp

The parking areas situated either side of the East ramp are accessed by key fob. Parking is limited to a maximum of 24hrs, no return within 72 hours.

On the East Jetty ramp

Unloading/loading on the East Jetty ramp is permitted 7 days a week however, parking is limited to 40 minutes and you must display a current Premier parking permit.

East Lockside Visitor Parking

Visitors to the east lockside can park for one hour in the bays marked “Visitor 1HR”, no return within 2 hours. These bays are located on the ramp approaching the bridge, and over the bridge in front of the commercial units. Parking in the numbered bays are for sole use of Premier Tenants, not visitors.

Further Information

All vehicles parked in any of the aforementioned car parks must be taxed and insured as well as holding a current MOT Certificate and be kept in a good, clean and driveable condition. These car parks do not accept oversized or long wheel base vehicles.