UK Outlook

Shallow low 1003mb Viking will move S to Forties then Forth whilst filling to leave a slack pressure pattern across the North Sea and UK waters. Low 998mb Biscay will move E-wards to France as a second low forms Biscay 991mb later.

Today 29 November in detail

Time Period Weather Visibility Wind Speed Wind Direction Wave Height Air Temp Pressure
0600 - 0900 Cloudy 10 miles 8 Knots, F3 NNW 0.3m 4 ºc 1006 mb
0900 - 1200 Partly Cloudy 10 miles 6 Knots, F3 NE 0.2m 5 ºc 1006 mb
1200 - 1500 Partly Cloudy 10 miles 6 Knots, F3 E 0.1m 6 ºc 1005 mb
1500 - 1800 Light drizzle 2 miles 7 Knots, F3 ENE 0.1m 7 ºc 1004 mb
1800 - 2100 Light drizzle 2 miles 13 Knots, F4 ENE 0.2m 6 ºc 1003 mb
2100 - 2400 Light drizzle 2 miles 20 Knots, F5 ENE 0.3m 5 ºc 1004 mb
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