Locking Procedure at Chichester Marina

General locking requirements
Rig fenders on both sides of your vessel. Enter the lock on the green light and go as far forward as possible or as directed by the lock keeper. An aft line, then a forward line, will be passed to you, Take a half turn around your cleat to control your vessel - DO NOT TIE OFF. Then switch off all engines. Exit the lock when given instructions from the lock keeper.

Skippers without VHF radio should contact our lock keeper by mobile phone on 01243 512731 or by mooring on the outer waiting pontoon. For safety reasons it is strongly recommended that skippers call using VHF Channel 80.

Inbound berth holders
There is no requirement to call our lock keeper inbound. Monitor VHF Channel 80 at all times. Please do not overtake in the approach fairway and keep a reasonable distance from the vessel in front. Do not hang back in the approach fairway, use the outer waiting pontoon. During peak times a member of staff will assist you with your ropes.

Inbound visitors
On arrival, please moor your vessel on the outer waiting pontoon and call into the Marina Reception. At reception, we will advise you of your berth number and provide you with a key fob for electricity and access to the marina facilities.

Call Chichester Marina on VHF Channel 80 for instructions when you wish to leave. During peak times you may be given a locking out number. Stay on your berth until called, when the lock is available you will be asked to slip your berth and proceed to the main fairway immediately. The lock keeper will ask you for a return date.

Free Flow
As the flooding tide reaches the marina basin level both sets of lock gates are opened. This is known as ‘free flow’. During neap tides and at the top of extreme spring high tides free flow may not operate, normal locking procedure then applies. A flashing orange light at the lock indicates free flow is operating.

The lock keeper will announce the start of free flow on VHF Channel 80. Red and green traffic lights control access through the lock. During free flow there is no need to call our lock keeper, you may enter on the green light.

For safety reasons it is forbidden to stop in the lock during free flow.