Southsea Marina

Free Wi-Fi at Southsea Marina

Enjoy broadband speed Wi-Fi via hotspots located throughout the marina, provided free of charge for three devices at a time to all berth holders with a current annual, monthly or visitor contract. If you are visiting Southsea Marina, or have forgotten your username and password, please contact the Marina Reception on 023 9282 2719, or visit in person for your connection details. 

Premier’s Wi-Fi is powered by modern ‘Ruckus’ equipment, which is specifically designed for outdoor environments, and Premier works with an organisation that specialises in marina Wi-Fi to help plan and install the Wi-Fi infrastructure at the marinas.


Wi-Fi coverage shown on the map below is approximate based on the mast location. The strength and quality of the signal can be affected by numerous factors including weather, line of sight to the mast, or the device you are using and material of your boat (if you are not on deck).

If you need help logging in, please refer to our guide here