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Chichester Marina

Chichester Marina Lock

Premier Marinas Chichester Lock 

Chichester Lock Operations

The Chichester Marina lock operates for 24 hours a day and is controlled by Premier’s expert lock keepers. The lock is used to control the level of water in the marina, using a fixed chamber in which the water level can be altered with up to 1.5million litres of water. The approach channel is 10m wide and dredged to approximately 0.3m below chart datum. It was last dredged in April 2020. The deepest water tends to be about 3m-5m from the starboard hand markers.

Please click here for a more in-depth guide to the locking procedure at Chichester Marina

Using the lock is a relatively simple affair providing you follow a few principles.

  1. First and foremost please abide by the lock keepers and our staff’s instructions and think about other boat owners – some helmsmen are more cautious and less experienced than others. With everyone’s cooperation and patience the lock will work more efficiently.
  2. VHF Ch.80 is “Chichester Marina’s” working channel. A serviceable VHF is essential to transit the lock and safely operate in and around the marina.
  3. The lock is at its busiest on sunny, summer weekends and bank holidays, and around high water. To avoid peak times try boating on a midweek day and if your boat’s draft allows avoid the higher tide, free flow can provide an opportunity to transit the lock without the need to queue.
  4. On a busy day when looking for a lock out call “Chichester Marina” on VHF Ch.80 as soon as you step aboard to request a slot. This will get you on “The List” and reduce any waiting time. If it is quiet call when ready to depart the berth. Please join any queue in a timely manner.
  5. Have plenty of fenders and lines available and brief your crew on their responsibilities.
  6. With experience work out if you require a head and stern line passed down or use the fitted yellow “hose-pipe” vertical lines. If taking head and stern lines either keep in hand or take a running turn on a cleat but never tie off the rope.
  7. On free-flow ensure you have plenty of headway to maintain steerage.
  8. On returning to the marina leave enough tidal window if your draft is a constraint. Call Chichester Marina Ch.80 on passing the Birdham Pole.
  9. The lock keeper may call forward small boats under 6m loa to the inner or outer waiting pontoons in order to maximise the loading of the lock.
  10. Boat owners are not to overtake or try to queue jump unless specifically requested by the lock keeper. Boat owners who do not call up on VHF Ch.80 or try to jump the queue may be refused access to the lock.

The video below provides a detailed breakdown of lock etiquette.