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Southsea Marina

Getting to Southsea Marina

Premier Marinas' Southsea Marina is located on Fort Cumberland Road, Eastney, Portsmouth, PO4 9RJ.

How to find the South Coast marina by road, rail, air and sea is described here.

The Southsea Marina Reception is open 24 hours a day. You may contact the reception on;

VHF Channel 80

Telephone: 02392 822 719

Email: southsea@premiermarinas.com 


To Southsea Marina by Sea
The approach to Langstone Harbour is easy in most weather conditions, but best from High Water –3 to +1 hour. The entrance channel lies between the East and West Winner drying banks, which offer some protection. Once close to the Fairway Beacon, approximately one mile to the South of the harbour entrance, in line with a conspicuous chimney, steer 344º to just clear East Winner. The entrance itself deepens and favours the West side. The harbour speed limit is 10 knots and 5 knots in the marina approach channel. 

Approaching Southsea Marina 

The approach to Southsea marina

The following notes are provided as a guide to approaching Southsea Marina by sea.  Visitors to Southsea Marina should however make sure that they are aware of all navigational dangers by consulting up-to-date charts and pilot books. Visitors should note that access to Southsea Marina is via a tidal cill gate and is suitable for vessels up to 18m, 5 metre beam, 1.5 draft. Visitors should also be aware of current Notices to Mariners and weather and tides before planning a visit. Southsea Marina tide tables are available showing tide heights corrected to local time and chart datum and approximate cill gate access times. No adjustment is required for British Summer Time. Please note that the depth over the cill can be affected by weather conditions and air pressure.

Southsea Marina Channel 
Please contact the marina on VHF Channel 80, call sign 'Southsea Marina' when you are approaching the marina channel to be given your berthing instructions. The entrance to the Southsea Marina channel is located just past the Hayling Ferry pontoon. Seven starboard hand and nine port hand markers mark the approach channel, the first of which are lit piles. Of the remaining eight port hand markers, the 4th, 6th and 9th are all lit. None of the starboard hand markers – made up of two buoys and a further three piles – are lit. The western waiting pontoon is marked with a starboard hand light. The marina channel is dredged to 0.5m below chart datum, although this can vary and vessels with a draft of 1.5m or more should exercise caution when approaching at LW –2 to +2 hours.

Entering Southsea Marina 
Vessels enter the marina via an automatic cill gate that rises and falls according to the action of the tides. This gives approximately 6 hours of access per tidal cycle. Please be aware the red and green lights at the marina entrance show if the cill gate is up or down. They are not used to control traffic. 

Red light – cill gate up. No access. 
Green light

– cill gate down. Access allowed, but check the gauge outside the marina to ensure that there is enough water depth to give you clearance. Please bear in mind that the published draft of your vessel is based on its unladen displacement.


The cill gate uses the laws of buoyancy. When the water outside the marina is level with the top of the cill gate, the weights connected to the gate and the cill gate itself are balanced. When the sea level rises, the weights become (relatively) lighter allowing the cill gate to lower. This continues until it eventually lies flat. At this point there is 1.6m depth of water over the cill gate and a green light will be displayed at the marina entrance. Vessels with a draft over 1.6m should wait on the outer waiting pontoon until the tide has risen further before entering the marina. 

As the tide goes out the gate rises because the weights attached to it become (relatively) heavier and therefore pull up the cill gate. The automatic cill gate ensures water depth in the marina stays at 1.5 metres for the deeper berths, dropping around the edge of the marina for vessels with a shallower draft. The marina entrance is 7 metres wide. 

When entering the marina, the vessel travelling with the tide takes priority over a vessel travelling in the opposite direction. Please be aware cill gate times are always approximate and can be affected by weather conditions and air pressure. There is an outer waiting pontoon adjacent to the marina entrance for vessels waiting to enter the marina if the cill gate is up, or there is insufficient water. Marina staff are happy to move boats permanently berthed in the marina to or from the waiting pontoon free of charge, Monday to Friday (with 24 hours’ notice). 

Arrivals and Departures
Before entering the marina channel, please use VHF Channel 80, call sign Southsea Marina, for berthing instructions, or call 02392 822 719.  After berthing, please visit the Marina Reception to collect a key fob to access the pontoon walkways and shower/ toilet blocks and to discuss your electricity requirements.

Harbour Dues 
Harbour dues are payable in Langstone Harbour. For more information please call 02392 463 419.

To Southsea Marina by Road
Southsea Marina’s address is: Southsea Marina, Fort Cumberland Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO4 9RJ. 

Southsea Road Map

From the East – Take the A27 following signs to Portsmouth. After Havant, branch left (signposted Southsea). 
From the West – Take the M27 following signs to Portsmouth and then onto the A27. 
From London and the A3 – Head south on the A3 following signs to Portsmouth. Continue along the A3(M). Merge onto A27. Branch left, signposted Southsea. At Eastern Road roundabout take the first exit onto Eastern Road (A2030) signposted Southsea. Once on the A2030 travel for almost four miles, turn left onto Milton Road (A288), signposted Eastney. Turn left into Bransbury Road, continue forward into Henderson Road, turn left onto Fort Cumberland Road continue onward into Ferry Road, signposted Hayling Ferry. After 0.2 miles turn left into Southsea Marina. Contact the marina.

To Southsea Marina by Rail 
Fratton is the nearest station, on the Portsmouth and Southsea main line with regular trains to Chichester, London (1h 28 m) and Southampton. nationalrail.co.uk

To Southsea Marina by Air 
Southampton International Airport at Eastleigh is around 20 miles away. Gatwick and Heathrow airports are both within 1 hour 45 minute drive.