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Fuel Berth and Pump Out at Eastbourne Marina

Our fuel bay and gas

Located close to the Marina Reception, Sovereign Harbour Marina has a self-service fuel bay open from 0800-1900 daily. The easy-to-use, self-service fuelling pontoon offers marine diesel and unleaded petrol. Outside of these times, fuel may be dispensed at the Lock Master’s discretion and operation of the lock takes priority over fuel dispensing services. Please call on VHF Channel 17 for service before heading for the fuel berth in your boat.

How to self-serve fuel

To fuel up at Eastbourne Marina, please pull alongside the pump and remove your boat's fuel cap. When you remove the nozzle from the pump, a member of staff will remotely authorise the pump to begin dispensing fuel. When you have completed fuelling replace the pump and call into the Marina Reception to pay.

About the marine gas sold at sovereign harbour    

The marine gas oil sold at all Premier Marinas – except Falmouth Marina – is Advanced Marine Diesel 10. This fuel is sourced from Esso's refinery in Fawley, Hampshire and supplied by WP Marine, part of the WP Group of companies (Wessex Petroleum Ltd).

About advanced marine diesel 10
WP Marine's Advanced Marine Diesel 10 is a low sulphur fuel containing 10ppm (parts per million) sulphur. This high quality fuel is recognised as FAME FREE and is guaranteed by Esso to contain less than 1% bio element. 

Advanced Marine Diesel 10 also contains Soltron®. Specifically developed to work with marine diesel at a dilution rate 10,000:1, Soltron® contains a blend of 20 naturally occurring enzymes which combine inside the fuel tank to optimise the combustion process and enhance fuel efficiency. Soltron® also provides lubrication in low sulphur marine fuel oil and neutralises bacterial growth from contaminants. 

Based at Esso's Fawley Refinery near Southampton, WP Group is the South's leading independent supplier of fuels and lubricants, marketing Esso fuel and Mobil lubricants across a wide portfolio of business sectors and industries. Boat owners travelling abroad should be aware that this fuel may not comply with legislation outside the UK and customers should seek advice from their destination marina before travelling.

Lpg gas
Gas is also available at the Marina Reception – customers wishing to buy gas should bring along their empty cylinder.

Pump-out facilities

Holding tank pump-out facilities are available on the fuel berth – please contact the Marina Reception for service ahead of arriving at the fuel pontoon: VHF Channel 17 or call 01323 470 099.