Fuel at Sovereign Harbour

The self-service fuel pontoon at Sovereign Harbour is situated close to the marina reception and sells marine diesel and unleaded petrol. There are CCTV cameras overseeing the pumps and a help point intercom in case of queries. 

The fuel pontoon is accessible 24/7 and you can also find bottled gas available at the marina reception.

Current fuel prices
Premier berth holders can purchase fuel at any Premier fuel pontoon at the price it costs us to buy and dispense it as part of their Premier Advantage benefits.
*Assumes a 60:40 split, prices will vary depending on declaration
Today's price
per litre
Premier annual berth holders save 27p/ litre
Today's price
per litre
Premier annual berth holders save 31p/ litre
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Berth holder fuel discount

Premier berth holders benefit from a fuel discount as part of the Premier Advantage. This discount is applied using a red fuel fob or fuel discount card, which can be acquired at the marina reception and will allow you to purchase your required fuel type at the price it costs us to buy and dispense it.

How to use the self-service fuel pontoon

Watch our helpful video guide or read more details below.

To buy fuel, enter a payment card at the pay point, select the amount of fuel and grade you require and wait for the transaction to be authorised. Then remove the nozzle from the pump and begin dispensing. There is a help point intercom and an emergency stop button on the pontoon.

To apply your berth holder discount, hold your red fuel fob or insert your fuel discount card just below the screen until it beeps. If the fob or card has been accepted, a message will appear in blue, 'Identification card accepted. Your identification card has been accepted'. If the message appears in orange, there’s a fault and you’ll need to try again.

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Premier Marinas marine diesel

Our high-quality fuel is supplied by WP Group and Mitchell & Webber. Both add Soltron®, an enzyme treatment, to the fuel to increase fuel efficiency and power output. The fuel is compliant with British Standards and regulations which allow for a maximum 7% FAME. Please note, regulations may differ outside the UK.

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