Lock procedure at Sovereign Harbour

As soon as you enter the tidal harbour at Sovereign Harbour, the marina’s purpose-built twin 50-metre locks will be clearly visible. They operate 24 hours a day, closing on the hour and half-hour. Monitor VHF Channel 17 for broadcasts about the status of the locks, follow the lock traffic signals and the Lock Operative's instructions.

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Lock light sequence

The lock’s light sequence is relatively straightforward. 

  • Red light: Do not proceed. Inbound vessels give way to those exiting.
  • Green light: Vessels may enter the lock.
  • Red flashing: Do not approach, a 'top-up' is in progress.
  • Green/white/green: Caution, only proceed after specific instructions.
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Entering the lock

Approach with fenders on both sides and mooring lines ready. Tie up as far forward as possible, or alongside other vessels - we recommend using springs where possible. Once secure, switch off engines and radar and prepare to assist others. Do not use lock ladders unless in an emergency. For visiting vessels a Lock Operative will greet you, take basic details and allocate a berth. Once secured in your berth, please register at the marina’s reception.

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Open lock during ‘top-up’ procedures

The marina requires ‘top-ups’ which may take place after a high tide indicated by a red flashing light. During this time, one lock will be fully opened in order to raise the water level inside the marina. Considerable turbulence is created during this process, so please do not approach the open lock. Listen on VHF Channel 17 for announcements.

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