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Chichester Marina

Boatyard & Marine Services at Chichester Marina

Chichester Marina and Boatyard

At the heart of Chichester Marina’s boatyard lies two marine services buildings with small scale workshops and offices. A fourth building completes the complex and accommodates new and used boats sales, The Boat House Café and retail businesses.

Premier Marinas' experienced boatyard team work alongside the onsite Chichester Marina marine tenants providing year-round lift, high-pressure wash, block-off and re-launch services.

Two boatyard hoists operate at Chichester Marina; a 65 tonne hoist, located on the south side of the marina next to the boatyard complex and a 35 tonne hoist on the north side, a short distance from the marina’s slipway. Premier’s boat lifting services and extensive storage ashore, coupled with Chichester's onsite marine services, make Chichester’s boatyard offering among the best on the South Coast for major boat repairs and routine maintenance.

Chichester Marina’s boatyard also showcases the best in modern boatyard design. A replacement for the boatyard that was built in the 1960s, the yard makes more efficient use of an area that had been occupied by marine tenants since the marina was constructed. The boatyard’s sensitive architecture was designed for low visual impact by mimicking the gentle, vernacular character of the marina’s existing buildings. The ecological impact of the buildings was important too and, because of this, all the boatyard buildings were built with sustainability in mind. Subtle solar panels line two of the building's roofs and complete the sustainability story with the electricity generated reducing the marina’s carbon footprint by helping to power the marina.

Overall, Chichester Marina aims to set the standard for boatyards in the marine industry by providing a vibrant and user-friendly facility for boat repair in the South Coast harbour.