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Sovereign Harbour

Locking Procedure at Eastbourne Marina

 Bridge at Premier Sovereign Harbour


Upon entering the tidal harbour, Eastbourne Marina's purpose-built twin 50m locks will be clearly visible. The two locks are in operation 24 hours a day, closing on the hour and half-hour. Monitor VHF Channel 17 for broadcasts about the status of the locks at all times. Always follow the lock traffic signals and obey instructions from the lock keeper.

Eastbourne lock procedure


Red – vessels must not proceed. Vessels inbound to the lock should heave to or give way to outward bound vessels

Red Flashing - vessels must not proceed. A marina 'top-up' is in progress, do not approach the lock.

Green – vessels may enter the lock.

Green/white/green – caution. Vessels may proceed only when specific instructions to do so have been received. 

Obey the directions of the lock keeper, approach the locks with fenders rigged on both sides of your vessel and mooring lines ready. Tie up as far forward into the lock as possible, or alongside other vessels. Always move as far forward in the lock as possible and when secure, switch off your engines and radar. Help others coming alongside after you.

We recommend springs are used where possible, although even when the locks are sluicing there is very little water movement in the area where the boats are moored. A lock keeper will greet you onboard, take basic details of your vessel and allocate a suitable berth via a computerised management system. Once you are secured in your berth, please call at the Marina Reception to register.

The marina requires ‘top-ups’ which may take place after a high tide, during this time we will fully open one lock for a brief period whilst the water level inside the marina is increased. Due to the turbulence created during the top-up process, please do not approach the open lock whilst this is taking place. Please keep listening on VHF channel 17 for further announcements.

Do not use lock ladders unless in an emergency. 

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