Swanwick Marina

Swanwick Regeneration Plans 2019-2021

Premier Marinas Swanwick held a planning exhibition at The Boat House Café, on 11th July 2019 during which interested parties were invited to view proposals for the regeneration of the site – one aspect of the computer generated illustration shown at the exhibition was later found to be incorrect – specifically the position of a road on the site. This CGI has now been corrected and can be downloaded here – along with the other exhibition information presented. Please note that due to the error in the CGI we have extended the period in which to feedback your comments to 25th July 2019.


In 2007 Premier was granted planning consent from Fareham Borough Council for the comprehensive redevelopment of the marina. However, today when we are in very different economic times, a new approach to the regeneration of the site is required. At the exhibition you will find out more about our evolving plans for the regeneration of Swanwick Marina and if you have questions about the displays our team will be on hand and happy to help.

At this stage, whilst our plans are being refined, we very much welcome your views so that we can take them into consideration before we submit a revised planning application to Fareham Borough Council in September.

Our Proposals Include:

  • A new Boat Sales Building
  • A new Bridgehead Entrance
  • A new Marina Facilities Building providing berth holder and café/restaurant facilities

If you would like to comment on our proposals please email: planning@swanwickmarina.com before July 25th in order to be considered as part of our planning process.

Reaching new heights for Swanwick’s Pavilion Building

24th November 2021

Swanwick Pavilion Building

The development of Swanwick Marina’s new pavilion building has made incredible progress over the last few months, with the full frame of the building now complete and the next phase in progress. 

The building frame was completed in October following six months of construction by contractors Amiri. The steel framework consists of four sections which will then be further constructed internally into the individual units for our commercial tenants. 

The Amiri team have now started onto the next phase of development works which includes fitting the roof sheets, internal and external stair cases and the wall cladding. Once the roof sheets have been installed these will then be fitted with solar panels to further enhance the environmental credentials of the building and the marina. 

Graham Bristowe, Swanwick Marina General Manager comments: “We are really pleased with how the development work is going and it is great to see things taking shape and our vision for Swanwick coming together. The construction team are happy with the recent progress and are working hard to get the next phase of works complete by spring 2022 before handing over to our first wave of commercial tenants."

An Exciting Update for the Pavilion Building

24th August 2021

Swanwick Work

Following a busy few months of development works at Swanwick Marina, we are pleased to report that the piles required to support the new Pavilion building have been driven into the ground, and groundworks are now complete.

Purchasing construction materials has been one of the team's main concerns during the pandemic, but contractors Voila are on track and continue to make steady progress. 

We'll keep you updated when more milestones are reached in the following months.

Breakthrough Progress for Swanwick’s Regeneration

26th April 2021

Breakthrough Progress for Swanwick Regeneration

Following a busy few months of development works at Swanwick Marina, we are delighted to be in the final stages and on course to complete Phase 1 of the works this bank holiday weekend.

Contractors, Brenmar and R&R started the construction works early January, as part of site-wide service improvements, which included an upgrade to the marina’s power supply, improved drainage and additional communications ducting. These site works, were a vital first stage of the construction of the new Pavilion building due for completion in early 2022

Graham Bristowe, Marina Manager comments: “We are thrilled to see this important phase of Swanwick’s regeneration drawing to a close and couldn’t be more pleased with the contractor’s progress - it will be a huge relief to have the site fully functioning and looking presentable again. We are also incredibly grateful to our berth holders and tenants for their patience and understanding throughout this period.”

The next phase of the regeneration project has already begun, with all piles needed to support the new Pavilion building being driven into the ground. Over the coming weeks, new fencing and signage will go up around the Boat House Café to reduce disruption to berth holders and visitors.

Major Sales Pavilion Development to Commence

9th February 2021

Swanwick Marina is delighted to announce that development of a new Sales Pavilion will commence shortly. The works will take approximately 12 months to complete with the new building anticipated to be ready for the 2022 season.

This development forms part of Premier’s plans for the ongoing regeneration of Swanwick Marina and follows the boatyard redevelopment in 2014 and the replacement of the floating marina completed last year.

The new pavilion will be home to the many elite boating brands represented at the marina and  once completed will pave the way for the old, end of life buildings to be demolished to create additional car parking and boat display areas, significantly improving the look and feel of the site.

General Manager at Swanwick Marina, Graham Bristowe is pleased with how the project is progressing: “In these most testing times, Premier remains committed to the regeneration of its marinas and we know that our tenants and berth holders alike will be happy to see the continued investment at this site.”

Exciting Updates on Swanwick's Regeneration 

18th January 2021

In January 2021 work started on bringing improved services into Swanwick Marina. The service improvements will include an upgrade to the marina’s power supply which will inject greater resilience into the system and enable the Swanwick team to offer more power options on the pontoons; drainage will also be improved and additional communications ducting installed.

Alongside the delivery of better site-wide services, these improvements will also allow Premier to prepare for the construction of the new Pavilion building which will house boat sales and marine businesses and a new food and beverage building that overlooks the water. The regeneration of the eastern section of the marina will also include a new bridgehead entrance building which will act as a satellite reception and will include a bin store; new car parking and trolley storage areas will also be created.

Graham Bristowe, General Manager commented: “We are thrilled to see the next stage of the Swanwick Marina regeneration moving forwards. Having completed the new floating marina last year, this continued investment in the landside of our marina is exciting for us and for those tenants who are keen to transfer to the new Pavilion and who are currently occupying temporary and end of life buildings here at the marina.”

The service works are estimated to go on for around 14 weeks although the work will not be continuous over the period and with traffic management in place berth holders should see limited disruption.

Planning Approved At Swanwick Marina

23rd March 2020

Swanwick Marina Planning Application Approved

Premier Swanwick is delighted to announce that a planning application for a Pavilion building to house boat sales and marine businesses, along with a new food and beverage facilities building, overlooking the water, has now been approved by Fareham Borough Council. Planning approval also includes a new bridgehead entrance building, additional car parking and trolley storage areas at the marina.

This development follows the recent completion of Swanwick Marina’s modern floating marina; part of a £4m investment by Premier Marinas. Now with berthing for up to 333 boats for yachts of 6m – 40m - an overall increase of 59 on the current configuration. Berth holders now enjoy a berth measuring at least the length of their boat and at the centre section of the marina, berths are 700mm above water level (200mm above standard height) making accessing and using the pontoons safer and easier.

General Manager at Swanwick Marina, Graham Bristowe commented: “In these most testing times, this is great news for Swanwick Marina. We are thrilled to get the go ahead to continue with the land redevelopment of Swanwick Marina. We will be shortly going out to tender for the new building with the hope of completing construction ready for the British Motor Yacht Show in May 2021. We know that our tenants and berth holders alike will be happy to see the continued investment on their site.”

Marina Dredging Draws To A Close

4th February 2020

Swanwick Dredger

With the main body of Swanwick Marina now dredged the team is completing work around the periphery, including the mast bay and dry stack pools and finally some maintenance to the lifting dock. These works will allow for the installation of the new F pontoon and G Pontoon which will create space for additional berthing at Swanwick Marina and thus bringing the floating marina renewal to a close in time for the season. 

Swanwick General Manager, Graham Bristowe is pleased with the project’s progress: “The new pontoons are a significant improvement on the old pontoons with upgraded infrastructure, plus the dredging will allow for easy access at all times. We are all very excited to see the end result of the water development and look forward to completing the project with the works ashore.”

Phase II of Swanwick Floating Marina Regeneration

22nd August 2019

Swanwick Marina Phase II Regeneration

Premier will start work on Phase II of Swanwick’s floating marina regeneration on 23rd September 2019. The work will begin with Walcon Marine removing E pontoon and its piles which will then allow ML (UK) Dredging to dredge the marina basin up to 2m below chart datum.

Once this work is completed, Walcon Marine will install the new piles and pontoons with Sureline Electrical Modules Limited fitting the pontoon services; the installation of the ramp to E pontoon will then complete the work to link up with the single access central bridgehead at D pontoon. Once this section has been completed, work will start on the removal of F pontoon before Christmas with dredging to commence in the New Year ahead of the installation of new pontoons F and G.

Phase II of the regeneration work at Swanwick Marina has been part of an investment of £4m by Premier. The final part of the regeneration will be on land with a new bridgehead building, pavilion building and food and beverage building in the pipeline.

Phase I Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration

23rd April 2019

Swanwick Marina 2019 Regeneration

New Pontoons at Swanwick Marina

Phase I of Swanwick’s floating marina regeneration has been completed on schedule. The works began in October 2018 and has seen the removal of old pontoons X, A, B and C and the depth of the marina basin dredged to a maximum of 2m below chart datum. Walcon Marine then installed the new purpose built marina infrastructure, in time for the new season.

The new infrastructure is equipped with a 40 slot dinghy rack located on new pontoon A, and each new pontoon has been fitted with water and electricity which includes 32amp sockets on the bigger berths and 16amp as standard. The WiFi has also been upgraded.

Innovative design features have been implemented to help improve safety and ease of use, these include C and D pontoons being set at 700mm (200mm above standard pontoon freeboard height) to reduce the customers’ deck to pontoon ‘jump down’ when berthing their vessel. Berth holders will also be on a berth where the pontoon fingers measure at least the length of their boat. This feature exceeds industry standards and will help make berthing both easier and safer.

Pontoon fenders will be fitted to the new pontoons over the summer; the marina team will fit additional fenders if requested by berth holders for a cost of £90 (including installation). Berth holders will not be permitted to fit additional fendering beyond those fitted by the marina.

Phase 1 included the replacement and installation of new pontoons A, B, C and D and works to a ‘single access’ bridgehead at D, which will be completed in Phase 2. Once in place this central bridgehead access point will include a bridgehead building and an additional access ramp to the new E, F and G pontoons. Security will become easier for the marina team to monitor as access to the pontoons will be through a single point of entry. The new pontoons will also be easier to access as the new ramp will be set at a lower gradient.

Due to the redevelopment of the marina, the remaining two pontoons that have not been removed in Phase 1 have been renamed to pontoons E and F. These pontoons were previously known as Pontoons D and E.

Autumn 2019/20 will see Phase 2 of the floating marina regeneration get underway with the two remaining pontoons replaced with three new pontoons E, F and G. Work will also commence on the bridgehead building and the construction of a new pavilion building will begin in winter 2019/20.

The final part of the regeneration will be a new food and beverage building due to be completed in 2021. Swanwick Marina’s regeneration represents an £8m investment and is setting a new standard for marina development.

Phase 1 Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration

Phase 1 Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration

Phase 1 Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration

Phase 1 Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration

Major Sales Pavilion Development To Commence
Major Sales Pavilion Development To Commence