Marina electricity

Electricity is available on the pontoons at Falmouth Marina, charged on a per unit basis and included in visitor berthing fees. 

The marina’s power supply is 230V, 50Hz and the marina’s socket outlet will accommodate a standard blue 16A marina plug. Ensure cables are clean and free from damage, do not allow them to fall into the water. Be sure to follow best practice guidelines for plugging into shoreside power for the safety of yourself and other marina users.

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Power for visitors

If you are visiting Falmouth Marina and would like electricity during your stay, please contact the marina reception on VHF Channel 80 or via telephone. Our team will be happy to assist you with your connection. An electricity allowance is included in berthing fees for overnight visitors. See our pricing here.

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Using marina electricity

Take care when using our marina electricity to avoid damaging your boat or other vessels. Ensure your boat’s wiring complies with the appropriate standards and you have a working isolating transformer fitted. For a full outline of the best practice when plugging into electricity ashore at the marina, read our guide to using shoreside power safely.

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