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A Bright Future for Noss on Dart Marina

Keep up to date here with the latest news and important notices from Premier Marinas regarding the redevelopment work taking place at Noss on Dart Marina. We appreciate your support for these works which are essential to the long term success of the South Coast marina. To find out more information about the site's full regeneration plan, visit nossmarina.net.


As part of the redevelopment of the Noss-on-Dart Marina, Premier Marinas has applied for planning permission to widen and strengthen the road bridge into the marina and to introduce a separate pedestrian bridge; these works being necessary to facilitate safe and adequate access into the site ahead of any of major redevelopment. 

Planning permission for the bridges was granted and the work has been scheduled as described below to minimise inconvenience to customers and to allow Premier time to construct additional car parking.

• Work will begin on the pedestrian bridge in April this year with the expectation of this being installed and ready for use by August 2017.  Installation of the pedestrian bridge will have minimal impact on access to the site.

• To minimise disruption to all site users, the works to widen and strengthen the road bridge will not take place until the winter, when the marina is least busy. Premier Marinas' plan is to complete these works in November and December 2017 during which time there will be no road access to the site.  Pedestrian access, via the new pedestrian bridge, will be maintained and we will be increasing the number of parking spaces in the Woodland car park (subject to planning); we will also provide transport assistance from the bridge to the Marina Reception. We would ask that berth holders, tenants and other site users take into account the restricted access to the site during November and December and plan their use of the site accordingly.