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Redevelopment Planning for Noss on Dart Marina

Premier Marinas Redevelopment Plans for Noss on Dart Marina Submitted

Premier Marinas is delighted to announce that it has been granted planning permission for the development of Noss on Dart Marina. This is a hybrid application focusing on full planning permission for the development of the South Coast marina, boatyard, commercial buildings, hotel and a limited amount of residential; The company's focus will initially be on the marina and hotel which puts the employment creating elements of the redevelopment first. Construction of the hotel and 1st phase of residential development is anticipated to commence in the summer of 2022.

Unlike most developers of sites of this nature, Premier Marinas will retain long term ownership over Noss on Dart Marina and most of the site. Key to Premier Marinas' long term interest in the site will be the marina and boatyard which we aspire to make the finest in the UK. To that end, Premier Marinas has been grateful for the valuable input we have received in consultation meetings with our berth holders, tenants and the local community surrounding the South Coast marina. Overall, our vision for Noss on Dart Marina is to create a vibrant place of interest that will work with the natural beauty of the site to secure the future of the marina for boaters and bring visitors, employment and investment opportunities into the area.

Premier Marinas' Proposal for Noss on Dart Marina

Premier Marinas’ application for full planning permission for the development of the marina includes the following key elements:

  • Improved access via a wider and stronger railway bridge.
  • New infrastructure to support the redevelopment of the site including landscaping, drainage, roads, footpaths and upgraded utility supplies.
  • Wet berthing capacity expanded to 232 berths from 9m to 25m (averaging 12.5m). The new marina layout provides wide fairways and long fingers to reflect the site’s environment.
  • A dry stack berthing option for 100 smaller motor craft.
  • Expanded hardstanding to accommodate the storage and maintenance of 70 boats in the summer and up to 100 boats in the winter; our objective is to keep the boatyard and marine services tenants busy year round.
  • A new 75 tonne boat hoist and a new dock facility for lifting/launching boats. The hoist will be the largest on the river and ideal for private and commercial craft.
  • New dry stack forklift, capable of lifting motor boats up to 10 tonnes and 10m.
  • New public slipway and a new quay wall.
  • New marina building with a marina reception, luxury facilities and a small coffee and snack bar.
  • Construction of 21 marine workshops and offices to house marine tenant services and other businesses.
  • Purpose built accommodation for South Devon College including marine engineering workshops and training suites.
  • A decked car park set down into the site against rock so that once on site it is not possible to see it from any direction - except from the north where we will provide a natural screening of plants.
  • A new pedestrian ferry infrastructure to support a regular service between Dartmouth and Noss on Dart.
  • A reinterpretation of the iconic Phillips building with a heritage centre to retell the site’s history and a bistro café. Similarly, Premier is consulting with the relatives of those who died at the site during WWII to find out how best to incorporate the memorial.
  • A hotel with 50 rooms, two restaurants and a spa.
  • 39 residential units including 16 hotel apartments and 23 apartments in the reinterpreted Philips building.

Premier Marinas' outline planning application includes up to 91 new residential units to support the economic viability of the development in the form of houses, apartments and waterside cabins.

Further information on all of Premier Marinas' plans for Noss on Dart Marina is available at the marina.

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