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Noss on Dart Marina

A Bright Future for Noss on Dart Marina

Keep up to date here with the latest news and important notices from Premier Marinas regarding the redevelopment work taking place at Noss on Dart Marina. We appreciate your support for these works which are essential to the long term success of the South Coast marina. To find out more information about the site's full regeneration plan, visit nossmarina.net.

New systems installed and live 

October 2022

Club Wifi

The installation of the new marina pre-payment electric management system, new free marina WiFi and the self-serve fuel bay are all now complete and live for all users of the marina. The new electricity system gives berth holders full control their boat's electricity supply through their MyPremier account and allows a more efficient and environmental use of electric on the pontoons and berths. 

We are also delighted to have the new WiFi network in place, operated by industry-leading suppliers, Club Wifi, who offer a fully-managed end-to-end service. This includes the management of all onsite hardware and a dedicated helpline for customer support, providing a direct service to berth holders and including device-specific assistance to ensure everyone is fully connected on their berth. 

Plus, a major phase of the development sees the opening of the new self-serve fuel bay, selling both unleaded petrol and diesel. For details on how to use the fuel bay can be found here and all annual berth holders at Premier Marinas can get fuel at cost as part of the Premier Advantage. 

A Vibrant Marine Business Hub Emerging

25th April 2022

Spares Marine

Following the formal opening of South Devon College Marine Academy earlier this month, we are pleased to report that all other tenants have moved into our first specialist commercial building and are settling in well.

Along with new tenants, Sea Contractors and Devon Marine Electronics, are long-standing Noss tenants, Stephenson Marine, Stephenson Sail & Covers, and Network Yacht Brokers. 

Safety beacon service agents and replacement parts specialists for a wealth of big-hitting brands, Spares Marine, are another new addition to the community looking forward to the opportunities Noss on Dart will provide. "There's no doubt that this relocation will improve our spares portfolio," says General Manager Steve Walker. "With more room and stock holding capabilities, we can provide even better service to our brand families' clients. We are looking forward to delivering new services to our loyal customer base soon. The Premier team and other businesses located here have been incredibly welcoming.”

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager added. “We're seeing the beginnings of a thriving commercial community at Noss - we've been keen to attract a diverse group of marine-related tenants so boat owners will soon be able to get all the support services they need on-site. Our boatyard facility is also now open, and we also have a flexible self-storage facility on site for berth holders to store their boat contents.”

South Devon College Marine Academy Officially Opens

8th April 2022

South Devon College Noss on Dart

Friday 8th April marked a momentous occasion for Premier Marinas Noss on Dart as South Devon College Marine Academy officially opened its doors to stakeholders. The new Marine Academy has been 10 years in the planning and became a reality when Premier Marinas acquired the site and supported the development of the specialist training facility.

The inauguration ceremony provided stakeholders with the opportunity to speak with students who will benefit from the new facilities as well as hear from former students like Jake Cronk, who studied Marine Engineering at South Devon College and credits it with launching his career. He completed an apprenticeship before going on to university to study mechanical engineering. He is now the Managing Director of Salcombe Marine Services in Devon.

Marine courses at the new academy span Further Education, Apprenticeships, Short Courses and Degree Level Study with students aged from 14 upwards; with a new foundation degree recently launched that focuses on maritime leadership and prepares students for work at sea on commercial vessels or in a management role ashore.

Key speaker at the opening event, Sarah Kenny, chair of trade body Maritime UK, acknowledged the hard work it had taken to get to this point. “These sorts of facilities don’t come about by magic,” she said. “If anyone wants to know why this college exists and why it matters, it’s the difference it can make not just in terms of young people’s lives but also the impact they can have on other people in terms of their training and their development and the local and broader economy.”

“The opening of this building is not only exciting for our current learners who now have access to top class facilities, workshops, class rooms and training space on the water’s edge, but also for the learners of the future and those who have been at the forefront of our conversations as we develop a relevant, growth focused and robust curriculum aiming to support marine and maritime growth in the South West and further afield,” said South Devon College Principal and CEO, Laurence Frewin.

“We feel very lucky to have the support, the investment of time, innovation and funds from our stakeholders, including Premier Marinas, as well as the incredible college staff and the local industry, and we all look forward to a bright future,” added Laurence Frewin.

Image - Pete Bradshaw, CEO of Premier Marinas and Adrian Bevin South Devon College with the Marine Academy’s autonomous vessel, supplied by Hydrosurv

A Month To Celebrate

9th March 2022

Noss on Dart

Construction of our second commercial building, which will offer 12 units to a range of marine service businesses, has been a main focus for the team this month.

The units are on track to be finished and open by the end of the summer.

The beginning of 2022 also saw the steel framework for the new Marina Control Building erected - something we are really excited about! The marina reception, luxury berth holder facilities, a launderette, berth holders' lounge and a small deli café will all be housed in the building at the core of the new marina complex.

"This year is certainly delivering some significant milestones!” Andy Osman CMM, General Manager said. “Following incredible efforts from the whole team, this month we have been able to lift the first boat into our new boatyard using the new 75 ton boat hoist. The boatyard team staff are doing ongoing training to drive the new lifting equipment and we will be slowly ramping up the operation over the coming weeks. Please bear with us as we get up to full speed!”

As the boatyard operation ramps up, priority will be given to Noss on Dart berth holders with “pit stop” lifting options offered to get as many boats  lifted and back into the water before the season really gets going. The new dry stack service has also opened for business this month and the first wave of new customers have arrived and their boats have been lifted into their new home.

Noss Boatyard Showcases Green Technology

26th January 2022

Premier Marinas Green Boatyrds

This month one of the most significant green infrastructure components was installed at Noss on Dart. 

Central to the new boatyard facilities, this revolutionary boat wash-down water recycling system demonstrates Premier Marinas’ commitment to investing in the latest environmentally friendly equipment and developing sustainability best practices.

A substantial investment for the organisation, it operates a closed loop system meaning all debris and water run-off is collected, filtered through a three stage filtration system and recycled when a boat is lifted out for a high-pressure wash. This water is then stored in a holding tank ready to be recycled and used again for the next wash down. This ensures that no chemicals end up in the River Dart. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK by FiltaBund, specialists in wash water collection and processing equipment for the marine industry. Director, Nathan Hewitt explains the benefits of this new system: “The Marine Wash Water Recycling System is based on 12 years of research and development. Our system is able to deal with copper, zinc, marine debris, silt and various proprietary additives contained in the paint. The process starts by removing large marine debris and paint flakes through bag filtration, followed by coagulation and settlement of free-floating particles. PH is then adjusted to precipitate soluble copper and zinc and the resulting cleansed water is passed through an activated carbon bed to remove trace elements. Water is also dosed with hydrogen peroxide and treated with UV light to kill residual bacteria”.

“The treated water contains copper and zinc with concentrations below 2mg/l and suspended solids of less than 100mg/l and can be reused for pressure washing. This is a considerable reduction from the incoming wash water, which can have copper and zinc levels above 2000mg/l and solids contents of over 20,000mg/l. The system is designed to accommodate an average of 10 boats a day with an annual pump out of solids.”

New Boatyard Taking Shape 

24th November 2021

Noss on Dart Hoist

This month we took delivery of our new 75 tonne Wise travel hoist which is now the largest on the River Dart with deep water access. This new hoist is of the highest quality and designed to cope in the marine environment and salty conditions. The hoist itself is remote controlled and is also equipped with a small overhead crane for engine and mast lifts.

Our boatyard team are now undertaking extensive training on the workings and operation of the new hoist and will involve them spending time at our other yards at Swanwick, Port Solent and Gosport's Endeavour Quay.

Other updates…..

Works began this week to erect the steel framework for the new dry stack and we are now taking bookings for contracts starting from 1st March 2022.

Our existing tenants continue to move into their new premises in the new commercial building and we are now able to take down most of the remaining old buildings in preparation to start the next major phase of the development. This will include the construction of the new hotel and waterside apartments. The demolition works are planned to be completed by Christmas. 

Works are also progressing well with the stacked car park and we have taken delivery of the first of the electric car charging points which will be installed prior to the car park opening.

First Commercial Units Open For Business 

5th October 2021 

Noss on Dart Marina Update

The construction of the first commercial building at Noss is in its final stages with the focus now being on internal fit outs and external landscaping. 

The first of our existing tenants have already moved into their new homes including Stephenson Marine (Unit 4G) Stephenson Sails & Covers (Unit 6F) and Network Yacht Brokers (Unit 5G). The Marina Reception team have also relocated temporarily to the upper level of the new building.

Works have already begun on the foundations for the new Marina Control building which will ultimately provide a new home for the Marina Reception, new showers and toilet facilities, amongst other things. This project will also see the creation of pontoons which provide access to the new fuel pontoon and the pick-up and drop off point for the Water Taxi service. 

“There is never a dull time here,” said Andy Osman CMM, General Manager of Noss. “We are overjoyed to welcome our tenants into their new facilities, many of whom have been on site at Noss for years. It’s also great to be moving into our own brand-new (albeit temporary) Marina Reception. The foundation piles for the second commercial building are now in place and should be completed next summer.”

Reaching New Heights At Noss on Dart

26th August 2021

Noss on Dart Building Works

Noss on Dart’s projects are gathering momentum with the first commercial units being fitted out internally ready for handover to their respective tenants in the next few weeks. The new building benefits from the installation of solar panels which will generate a significant amount of electricity.

Due to the high demand for new commercial property, we’ve decided to commence construction of a second building which has already attracted a range of new marine-related tenants keen to locate themselves at Noss on Dart. Ground piles for the new building are currently being installed and the new decked multi-storey car park is also taking shape, with all floors installed and surfacing underway. The car park will accommodate up to 195 vehicles and also be fitted with the latest EV charging stations from Pod Point to support electric cars.

Separately contractors are now installing ground piles to support the new dry stack boat storage framework. This is designed to hold 120 boats up to 8m in length and will be launched and recovered using a purpose built forklift due to arrive from the US in the next couple of months.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager, Noss on Dart Marina added: “It is an exceptionally busy time coordinating many projects, including the final works to the floating marina. We are working on the construction of our new self-service fuel berth positioned off the extension of L pontoon. We will also be replacing the temporary D pontoon hammer head, and  relocating the temporary marina bridge head to its final position adjacent to the new marina control building site.”

Significant Progress at Noss on Dart

11th June 2021 

 Noss on Dart Redevelopment

Noss on Dart’s redevelopment programme continues at a pace as we get closer to completing some of the key infrastructure projects. 

The new marina which offers 232 fully serviced berths for vessels (increased from 140 berths) is near completion with hammerhead berths for vessels up to 21 metres – proving incredibly popular. Over 200 berth holders have already signed up for Noss to be their home marina. 

Teignmouth Maritime Services have now completed the work for the new boat hoist, dry stack and launch pad. They recently completed significant engineering works to secure the massive piles that will create the 75 tonne boat lifting facility. The new boatyard is due to be finished in time for winter lifting and will also provide short term storage ashore for customers and contractors to undertake maintenance work and projects.

We are also excited to announce that the first tenants will be moving into the marina’s new commercial buildings next month. Besides housing an array of marine trades and small businesses, this will also provide a new home for the South Devon College’s Marine Academy.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager, Noss on Dart Marina said “Purchasing building materials has been just one of the challenges the team have faced through the pandemic, but we are on track and continue to make steady progress. I am looking forward to finishing the construction of the new boatyard and welcoming our tenants into the new buildings so that we can get services fully open for business.”

Major Milestone Completed for New Floating Pontoon

16th April 2021

Major Milestone Completed for New Floating Pontoon

We are delighted to confirm one of the first major milestones in the development of Noss on Dart Marina is now complete. At the end of March, the last of the new piles required to complete the new floating marina were driven into the river bed, now in place ready for the onsite contractors Walcon Marine to complete work on the final pontoons. 

General Manager, Andy Osman CMM comments: “Having the final piles now driven is a significant milestone for us to have achieved particularly over the winter period and within the parameters of our MMO licence. It is really exciting to see Premier’s vision for Noss on Dart coming to life.

“With over 100 piles driven in total, work is now progressing to install the last remaining pontoons and accompanying services, with the hope that the new marina will be fully open for business later this summer." 

Noss on Dart’s New Boatyard takes shape

19th March 2021

Exciting times ahead as work officially starts on the development of Noss on Dart’s new fully-serviced boatyard - with the new Hoist Dock and Dry Stack launching and recovery dock now under construction.

The boatyard is a major part of the development project and the planned 75 tonne boat lifting facility will be the largest lifting capacity on the River Dart. Local contractors, Teignmouth Maritime Services are already onsite and have begun important engineering works to secure the piles that will create the boat hoist dock. Along with having the capacity to lift up to 75 tonne vessels it will provide short term storage ashore for our customers and contractors to undertake maintenance work and projects.

Alongside the new hoist dock, also under construction is a new dry stack launching and recovery dock. This dock will facilitate a new Marine Travelift forklift which will launch and recover boats from the new dry stack facility.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager at Noss on Dart Marina says: “Having the boatyard and dry-stack construction underway is a very exciting and vital stage of the whole marina development. I am looking forward to the completion of this phase and getting these services open for business.”

Progress for New Floating Marina

12th March 2021

Last month saw the installation of a new pontoon access bridge which will form part of the new access arrangements for the new marina. A major milestone in the development it is currently in a temporary position until it can be moved to its designated location. Measuring over 25m in length and 2m wide it will make the incline at low water much more manageable for customers pushing full trolleys up the ramp after a day out on the water. 

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager comments: “We have already seen great progress on the redevelopment of Noss on Dart this year and despite some poor weather it has not delayed the works or the project timetable. The introduction of the new bridge now gives us the opportunity to finally remove the old structure which will complete the removal and demolition of the last of the old marina and bridgehead layouts. At this point, 109 new pontoon berths have been completed with work progressing by the day to get the rest of the marina completed by the spring.”

Breakthrough Progress for Noss on Dart's New Floating Marina

9th February 2021

Construction of the new floating marina has made rapid progress, with almost all of the old metal pontoons now removed and replaced by our contractors, Walcon Marine. Additionally a new back walkway connects all of the new pontoon walkways from A to J pontoons.

A major milestone in the development of the floating marina is the instalment of electricity and water supply now connected to pontoons E, F, G and part of J, with further supplies in progress. All boats that are still afloat are now temporarily located on these new berths whilst other work progresses. Pier H is also in position and awaiting the fitting of services which are planned to take place over the next couple of weeks.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager adds: “We have already seen great progress on the redevelopment of Noss on Dart this year and despite some poor weather it has not delayed the works or the project timetable.”

Redevelopment work accelerates at Noss on Dart

9th February 2021

Noss on Dart Marina continues to be a hive of activity with the ongoing redevelopment works picking up pace.

The team from Devon Contractors are working hard to complete Phase 1 of both the new Commercial Buildings and new car park with the steel framework now up to roof level and roof sheets being fitted.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager adds: “We are really pleased to see the commercial building start to come to life and it’s a huge relief to all the team, given the recent weather, to get the roof on and the building watertight! Despite the elements this first phase of the building works is on target to be finished by the autumn.”

Works to construct the foundations of the new decked car park have also started. Once the concrete has cured, the steel frame will be erected and begin to rise rapidly - forming six levels of parking and 195 spaces that will be available to both visitors and berth holders.

Noss on Dart’s Redevelopment – Reaching New Heights

13th January 2021

Noss on Dart Marina Construction

As we enter 2021 Noss on Dart continues to be a hive of activity as the team and external contractors commence the construction of the shoreside marina elements of the development.

The team from Devon Contractors are now back onsite steadily working to complete Phase 1 of the new Commercial Buildings and decked car park at Noss on Dart Marina. The new commercial building will provide a home for prospective and existing marine tenants such as South Devon Marine Academy, each with a beautiful waterside outlook of the River Dart.

Contractors have also started work on the ‘site-wide services’ project, which will involve all new onsite services to be upgraded with a new electric supply, water mains, telecoms and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

This phase of the project is a major milestone in the redevelopment of the site and will involve excavating a trench which will run from the top of the site, down the hill, over the road bridge and down into the commercial development where the first of the four electricity substations will be constructed.

New Year - A New Floating Marina

12th January 2021

New Floating Marina at Noss on Dart

Following a well-earned Christmas break the Walcon Marine team are now back onsite at Noss on Dart to continue the construction of the new floating marina.

The main focus for this stage of the redevelopment works is removing the last of the old marina pontoons and replacing them with a brand new infrastructure which will include the introduction of the new H pontoon that will provide berthing for 15m and 18m vessels.

Once all of the pontoons have been replaced, the next stage of the project will involve the removal of the old marina access bridge which will be replaced with a new temporary access walkway; this walkway will run from outside the staff tea room and lead down to the new back walkway pontoon, providing clear and easy access for all berth holders, tenants and staff.

This temporary walkway arrangement will remain in place until such time as the new bridgehead has been constructed, at which point the access bridge will be moved to its designed location within the marina.

December 2020

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the redevelopment programme has continued at a pace as Premier Marinas pass a number of milestones on their way to completing some of the key infrastructure projects outlined in the site’s consented planning approval.

A number of critical enabling works have been completed, including: the widening and strengthening of the railway bridge; the addition of a pedestrian bridge over the railway line; construction of the primary electricity substation; and providing improved access with better visibility at the entrance to the site.

These projects have facilitated the commencement of the construction of the boatyard and marina elements of the development, our plan being to complete these by the end of 2021.  These projects include:

Construction of the new floating marina is well underway with work on track for the completion of 232 berths for the 2021 season. The floating marina will provide a berth for each boat and rafting out will be a thing of the past.  Moreover, every berth will measure at least the length of the boat berthed on it thereby making berthing easier and improving access to and from your boat.

Construction of the commercial buildings which will provide a home for existing and prospective marine trades as well as for South Devon Marine Academy. 

The build of the new stacked car park which will consolidate car parking into one area of the site and provide 195 parking spaces for berth holders and visitors to the marina.

Construction of the sea defences and boatyard area is also underway, including the new lifting dock, dry stack and hard standing areas.

Premier’s aim is to build something very special at Noss on Dart; to create a sustainable place, with a vibrant commercial community that will sensitively work alongside the natural beauty of the site, securing the future of the marina for boaters and bringing visitors, employment and investment opportunities into the area.

UPDATE - Construction of New Floating Marina

11th November 2020

The new floating marina at Noss on Dart Marina is taking shape, with Walcon Marine making good progress; having now installed the new ‘back walkway’ which has replaced the old inside, or C pontoon as many will remember it. 

The new £3.5m floating marina will provide individual finger pontoons for each berth holder, making the berthing of boats easier and considerably safer for berth holders and visitors alike.

Many longstanding berth holders have been waiting in some cases more than ten years for the new marina to be built so Premier is pleased to report that, subject to weather conditions, progress is on track for the completion of the floating marina for the 2021 season. 

Projects Progress at Noss on Dart

11th November 2020

Following the infill of the old Noss slipway, autumn works on the revetment wall at Noss on Dart have made steady progress as local contractor, Teignmouth Maritime Services have continued with construction.

The revetment wall is designed to form a protective barrier between the river and the earth embankment and represents a key step towards enabling the shore side construction of the new marina and boatyard lifting dock.

Reaching this phase involved a significant amount of ground work as tonnes of earth and materials were move to fill in the old slipway to the point where the new river defence works could be started to provide a robust river edge protection constructed. Eventually the works will involve driving a number of large piles into the embankment to support the new hoist dock.

New Car Park Extension for Berth Holders

13th October 2020

 New Car Park Extension for Berth Holders

As the construction works at the marina progress, we have taken steps to ensure that our berth holders and marina visitors continue to enjoy good parking provision by extending our Woodland Car Park.

This extension has opened up a new area of parking, situated as close to the heart of marina as is possible at this time, and which will remain open for the duration of the development project watch out for the new signage that identifies this new car park.

Whilst a proportion of the main marina car park will remain in use for berth holders, a small section of parking is now dedicated to accommodating the construction vehicles and equipment being used for the renewal of the floating marina.

UPDATE - Construction of New Floating Marina

13th October 2020

 Noss Floating Marina Update

Premier Marinas is delighted to announce that the construction of the new floating marina at Noss on Dart Marina has begun. 

Walcon Marine is now onsite and have started the phase 1 demolition and construction works, including the installation of the new inner walkways and what will become pontoon E and part of pontoon J. Once this phase has been completed, the marina team will temporarily relocate some berth holder boats onto the new sections whilst the Walcon team remove parts of the old pontoon to make way for phase 2, which will involve the construction of pontoons F and G.

Following this, the next major phases of the project will include: phase 3 – the construction of pontoons H and J; phase 4 – the construction of the additional walkways, which will ultimately lead to Premier’s dedicated water taxi and fuel pontoon berth; and phase 5 – the construction of pontoons A, B, C and D. The new £3.5m floating marina will provide a finger pontoon for each boat and rafting out will be a thing of the past.

Construction of New Floating Marina Begins

18th September 2020

Construction of the New Floating Marina Begins

Premier is delighted to announce that the construction of the new floating marina will commence on Monday 5th October. Specialist contractors, Walcon Marine have been awarded the contract and weather permitting, we plan to complete the works for the start of the 2021 boating season.

This six month project will involve driving over 100 new piles into the river bed to secure the new pontoons and general marina infrastructure. The installation of a self-serve fuel bay with pump out facilities, new Wi-Fi technology and a self-administered system for electricity hook ups will follow soon after. A major part of the works afloat will include replacing the old steel pontoons that were originally built by the Philips Shipyard and in preparation for this an extensive dredging programme was undertaken.

The new £3.5m floating marina will provide a finger pontoon for each boat and rafting out will be a thing of the past. In addition, every berth will measure at least the length of the boat berthed on it thereby making berthing easier and getting on an off boats safer - particularly for power boat owners who will be able to step directly onto the pontoon from the stern of their boat.

Many of our longstanding berth holders have been waiting for the new marina to be built, some for over ten years and because of this we would like to assure everyone that as a marina owner and operator, the replacement of the floating marina and the facilities that serve it are our primary focus.

Beyond this, our wider aim is to build something very special at Noss on Dart; to create a sustainable place, with a vibrant commercial community that will sensitively work alongside the natural beauty of the site, securing the future of the marina for boaters and bringing visitors, employment and investment opportunities into the area.

Exciting Times For The Redevelopment Project

27th August 2020

Exciting Times For Noss On Dart’s Redevelopment

Premier Marinas is excited to announce the next three major phases of the redevelopment project at Noss on Dart Marina are now underway. With an investment of £6.5m from Premier, this major milestone of the Noss redevelopment project includes Phase 5: the new stacked car park; Phase 6: the new water treatment plant; and Phase 7: the new commercial building.

The works commenced at the start of August and are being carried out by three different external contractors: Devon Contractors, Teignmouth Maritime Services and Gilpin Demolition, who have almost finished the demolitions works to clear the foundations of the old onsite buildings.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager at Noss on Dart Marina said: “We are delighted to be working with these local construction companies and these new phases mark a landmark point in time when we really start to forge ahead with our plans.”

Phase 5 of the redevelopment project comprises the build of the new stacked car park, which will include 6 parking levels with 195 spaces dedicated for berth holders and guests from the new hotel/apartments. This park will only be accessible via key fobs for security and privacy.

Phase 6 involves the construction of the new water treatment plant at Noss on Dart Marina, which will manage all waste and brown water that the future site will generate from the hotel and residential properties. The first phase of the new water treatment plant will need to be operational for the new commercial buildings, which are currently planned to be open by September 2021.

The new commercial buildings are Phase 7 of the redevelopment project and will include seven units initially to be used by current tenants, South Devon Marine Academy, as well as other marine related commercial businesses and potentially a self-store. This stage of the project will also include the old slipway to be filled in to create the new revetment.

Phase Two Demolition Works Begin

22nd July 2020

Noss Redevelopment – Important Update

External contractors, Gilpin Demolition have begun Phase 2 of the demolition works at Noss on Dart Marina, which involves clearing the foundations of the old onsite buildings, which the team were previously contracted to knock down.

This phase of the redevelopment project involves digging up and crushing the existing concrete and old bricks, which will then be used to raise levels across the site, ahead of the construction of the new planned buildings in the future.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager said: “We are pleased to welcome Gilpin Demolition back onsite to undertake the next phase of the demolition operations. This is a small but vital stage in the redevelopment of Noss and it is great to see the site starting to change and transform into Premier’s vision for the future.”

Andy adds: “The Gilpin team plan to be on site until mid-August, during which time we will do our very best to keep the dust levels under control at all times.”

Green Light For Electricity Substation 

1st July 2020

Green Light For Electricity Sub-Station

Work has commenced on the construction of a new electricity substation at Noss on Dart Marina. The 33/11 KV sub-station is designed to provide the power that will be required to deliver the Premier Noss on Dart regeneration project in the future.

The sub-station works are being undertaken by UK Power Solutions, who have moved onto site and have started to construct the foundations required to house the new switch room, auxiliary transformer and a 14m telecommunications pole, in accordance with the approved planning consent for this important phase of the development. The UK Power Solutions team are adhering to all safe working and social distancing practices whilst on site.

Before the new transformer is energised and ready for use, a new electricity supply will be taken from the overhead HV cables that run across the field at the top of the Noss on Dart site (leading down the field) and fed under the main road. This supply will then run into the new services ducting, which leads to the new sub-station - both of which will be created as part of this project.

Due to the complex nature of the project and with the delayed start due to COVID-19, the works are scheduled for completion in September.

Piles Trial Programme

27th March 2020

Piles Trial Programme

This month external contractors, Walcon Marine are on site with their piling barge the “Walcon Wizard” to test drive new piles in strategic locations across the footprint of the new floating marina in order to gain a much better understanding of the ground in which the new marina piles will be driven to create the new marina.

The current floating marina is held up by 14 piles which will increase to approximately 100 piles driven into the river bed, once the new marina is developed.

Andy Osman CMM, Marina Manager explains further: “We have no knowledge of how hard or soft the ground is and so this trial programme is necessary to make sure we are happy with the ground conditions. Works commenced on Monday 16th March and this marks a significant step forward for the marina redevelopment as a whole.”

Dredging To Be Completed End Of March

19th March 2020

Noss on Dart Dredging

The Noss on Dart team is pleased to announce that dredging will be completed by the end of March in line with planning consent. The dredging programme has been undertaken by Dutch dredging company, Royal Smals who are extremely experienced in projects of this light. The dredging was originally scheduled to begin in October 2019 but all the necessary permissions were not in place by that time.

Marina Manager, Andy Osman CMM said: “The dredging project has been very challenging for our contractors who have had to battle with severe weather conditions throughout February, with gale force winds and the wettest recorded since records began. However, good progress has been made with the project and we are on schedule to complete before the end of March.”

Redevelopment Update (February 2020)

6th February 2020

Noss On Dart Marina Dredging Update

Work is progressing at Noss on Dart Marina with the recent arrival of the dredger on site. The dredging programme is being undertaken by Dutch dredging company Royal Smals who are extremely experienced dredging contractors.

The dredging programme is designed to last up to seven weeks and is broken down into individuals sections running from the north to the south of the marina, concentrating on the shallow areas identified in the pre-dredge survey.

The dredger will be operating a cutter suction method to excavate the material which will then be pumped ashore to allow the solids in the material to settle and the water to drain back cleanly into the river.  This process takes place inside large specialised bags which contain the dredged materials whilst the de-watering process completes.

The intention is that if suitable the dredged material will be used on site to raise levels and for other construction projects.

Redevelopment Update (December 2019)

19th December 2019

Noss on Dart's New Woodland Car Park | Premier Marinas

Following a hectic summer season, during which we concentrated on the demolition of the derelict shipyard buildings, we are now in a position to provide an update for everyone interested in the next phase of the redevelopment.

We are pleased to confirm that we are ready to begin construction of the new Commercial Buildings and the relating Decked Car Park, subject only to final confirmation that a number of planning conditions relating to these works have been discharged by South Hams District Council. Contractors for each of these projects are in place, with the constructor of the Decked Car Park also briefed to undertake the preparatory works for construction of the Water Treatment Plant.

On the water side, we have appointed a contractor to undertake the required dredging works in the location of the planned new floating marina.  Once the dredging is completed we will begin Phase 1 of the new marina, which will be constructed to the South of the current pontoons, and will involve driving many new piles to facilitate the provision of a single berth per finger pontoon, instead of the rafted berthing we have today.

These projects are however strictly controlled by planning conditions which dictate that work can only be undertaken between October and March in any given year. Whilst much research and careful planning has gone into this element of the development, some conditions are still required to be discharged by South Hams before the works can go ahead.

Meanwhile, we would like to assure you that any delays to these projects are not through any actions that Premier have or have not taken. We are working with the planners and their statutory consultees which include The Environment Agency; mindful to the fact that Noss on Dart is a complex and sensitive site.

Old Timber Quay Demolition

24th July 2019

Noss on Dart Regeneration Work

The next phase of the regeneration of Noss on Dart Marina will see the removal of the old timber quay that meets the water’s edge by the marina bridgehead. This is being demolished in preparation for the installation of the new floating marina that will start construction later in the year. 

This work will also involve the removal of the old Boatyard Marina Office portacabin. With this cabin now closed and awaiting removal, Noss on Dart Marina has amalgamated all administration operations under one roof in the Marina Reception where all bookings, payments and information will be serviced until further notice.

The removal of the old timber quay will help facilitate the reclamation of the land which will host the development of the new boatyard and other buildings along the foreshore, including the new Marina Reception and waterside apartments.

Dart Valley Trail Car Park Re-Opening

13th May 2019

New Dart Valley Trail Car Park Opens

Today Noss on Dart re-opened the Dart Valley Trail car park for the use of all dog walkers and other walkers who simply enjoy rambling through the beautiful trails through the woods at Noss.

The new car park has been part of the overall redevelopment of Noss on Dart Marina and represents a significant investment at an early stage of the project.  This morning Mrs Lesley Giles, her son and two dogs joined Andy Osman, General Manager at Noss Marina, along with other members of the Noss staff to formerly cut the safety ribbon to the new car park officially opening the new facility for use.  Lesley, a local resident, brings her dogs to Noss most days and welcomes the new facility which she says is a fantastic improvement on the old arrangements and particularly likes the new trees and general planting which is already improving the atmosphere and overall ambience of the site. 

Old Shipyard Building Demolition Update

23rd April 2019

Noss on Dart Marina Demolision

As part of the regeneration of Noss on Dart Marina, the majority of the old shipyard buildings have been demolished in order to create space for the new construction. This demolition work is happening in stages with Phase 1 of the demolition now complete; some of the buildings will remain in place until their replacements have been constructed. 

The buildings that Gilpin Demolition have taken down in Phase 1 include Noss House, the Green Shed, the former Platers’ and Welders’ Shops and the residential houses at Longwood. The Philips Building was the final structure to be removed in Phase 1, and with that removed Premier can start to plan the construction of some of the new buildings that will form part of the regeneration at Noss.

Much of the structure that made up the Philips Building has been saved in order to incorporate it into the new building to remind visitors of the heritage of the site. This includes steel columns, crane gantries and other artefacts, whilst the South-West facing front elevation wall of the Philips Building has been incorporated into designs to be rebuilt to ensure associations to the site’s history will remain.

Work on the new decked car park will commence this spring and will be followed by the construction of the commercial buildings in July 2019 and the new boatyard in October 2019. The new boatyard will have a 75-tonne hoist serving private, commercial and fishing craft with Premier also constructing a dry stack to accommodate around 100 smaller motor vessels.

Important work on the renewal of the floating marina is scheduled to begin in winter 2019/20 and, once it is all complete, will accommodate 232 berths. On completion of the floating marina, the development of the hotel, new Philips Building and public areas will proceed with Premier aiming to finish work on these core elements by mid-2022. The majority of the residential developments will take place thereafter.