South Coast boatyard locations

10 South Coast Boatyards

  • 10 Fully serviced boatyards along the South Coast of the UK
  • Highly trained staff 
  • State-of-the-art machinery and marine services
  • Lift, high-pressure wash, block-off and re-launch
  • Specialist Boatyard Endeavour Quay
  • Loyalty Reward Credit, for use against boatyard services

Sovereign Harbour Boatyard

Sovereign Harbour Boatyard offers lift, launch and wash off alongside block off or storage in slings, for these services the boatyard has a 60 tonne travel lift and a 1.5 tonne crane that's ideal for mast work and engine lifts. Need a hand with repairs? You'll find an outstanding mix of onsite marine services close to the yard.

Brighton Boatyard

 Brighton Boatyard offers a quality boatyard service, including the use of a new 60 tonne boat hoist and a static crane used for mast work and engine lifts, plus a new mast rack. The Boatyard also has and boat parker which together are capable of hauling up to 25 tonnes and added a 2.5 tonne forklift to its yard equipment.

Chichester Boatyard

Two boatyard hoists operate at Chichester Marina; a 65 tonne hoist, located on the south side of the marina next to the boatyard complex and a 35 tonne hoist on the north side, a short distance from the marina’s slipway. Premier’s boat lifting services, the undercover storage and extensive storage ashore, coupled with Chichester's onsite marine services, make Chichester’s boatyard offering among the best on the South Coast for major boat repairs and routine maintenance.

Southsea Boatyard

Premier Southsea Marina in Langstone Harbour, offers a quality boatyard service that includes the use of a new 25 tonne hoist and a new static boom crane, plus a 15 tonne Roodberg boat mover. The team achieves outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and operates throughout the year, providing lift, high-pressure wash and block-off services. Storage ashore is plentiful too.

Port Solent Boatyard

Port Solent Boatyard has a Wise travel lift (up to 40 tonnes) and a 1 tonne jib crane for small jobs such as mast work. On the marina you'll also find an outstanding mix of onsite marine services next to the yard. These companies provide everything from engineering to electronics, shipwright services to GRP repairs and cosmetic work and there's a superb chandlery. 

Endeavour Quay Boatyard

Gosport Marinas onsite specialist boatyard Endeavour Quay is perfect for racing and commercial vessels, as well as smaller craft. The yard is equipped with a 180 tonne travel hoist, a mobile crane for mast work and should you require it, there is undercover storage available. You'll also find a superb mix of onsite marine services to undertake any additional services.

Swanwick Boatyard

The Swanwick Boatyard has been purpose-built with a modern hoist bay and waiting pontoon, steel cradles and boatyard reception. It is equipped with a 65 tonne travel lift, a 35 tonne boat transporter and a specialist Neptune marine forklift for dry stacking. There's also a superb new onsite chandlery, and an array of marine service providers.

Universal Boatyard

The Universal Boatyard has a modern hoist bay and waiting pontoon. The yard's equipment is outstanding, with a 75 tonne travel lift, a 15 tonne boat transporter and a marine forklift for dry stacking. There's also a small onsite chandlery, and an array of marine service providers to assist with any repairs.

Noss on Dart Boatyard

The boatyard at Noss on Dart, comprises of a new 75 tonne Wise travel hoist, the largest on the River Dart with deep water access. Central to the new boatyard facilities, a revolutionary boat wash-down water recycling system has been fitted. A substantial investment for the marina, it operates a closed-loop system, to ensures that no chemicals end up in the River Dart. 

Falmouth Boatyard

Falmouth boatyard has an exceptional team and for lifting, mast and engine work there is a 40 tonne Wise Travel Lift. The marina provides clear storage ashore to undertake any repairs, and if you need a hand, you'll find a good mix of onsite marine services and a chandlery close to the yard.